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Pandemic and Working From Home

  SimonBWFC 09:31 12 Jul 2020

My PC died yesterday. I'm wondering if there are any incentives/tax allowances to replacing it which I could utilize.

The reason I ask this is my wife works for local authority and has a work laptop, initially she was using this but as we had a home PC she was asked for it to be returned so the Local Authority laptop could be used by front-line workers.

I need to buy a new PC and this will be used by my wife to carry on with work at home.

  wee eddie 11:11 12 Jul 2020

It should be a Tax Deductible item, but as she has a Lappy, issued by the Local Authority (I know that she's handed it back but that's not their concern), I think it unlikely that you'll get away with it.

Considering the earlier problems you've had with it. I think that it's time to bight the bullet. Maybe someone else will have a more positive idea

  SimonBWFC 17:15 12 Jul 2020

Ha yeah, fair point!

As posted in my other recent thread I've now spotted a great value replacement, which will be significantly faster and more efficient. I was going to build but I can't get the parts and OS for the price I've seen this setup. It's built and has a decent warranty.

Every cloud has a silver-lining:-)

  wee eddie 17:30 12 Jul 2020

You're right, it frequently works out cheaper, particularly with Mid-Range PCs from the specialist Builders, all the bits usually work well together and you get a warranty as well.

  aleeam 09:59 14 Jul 2020

I have recently bought a Laptop for myself too as I am working remotely from home. Just make sure that along with a Laptop, you use a VPN too at all times just to secure yourself online.

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