Panda non communicate(is it just me)

  pinkers 14:21 18 Mar 2010

I have been using Panda for a long time but the latest demand for renewal is to cover for three PCs at extra cost I have only one PC and don't think I should pay the extra cost! I asked about this in an email also a question about the new free cloud protection the following is my email plus the answer I received, I live in France by the way, any comments by others of this strange attitude from Panda would be welcome.

I have sent the question below to Panda France and cannot get a sensible answer, all the replies are in french which would be fine if they were answers but most of the replies are half letters and half symbols as if they are using a format different to outlook express this doesn't create much confidence in me for an enterprise which wants me to stay with them. Also as an international company surly a reply to an enquiry in english calls for a reply in the same language!! I have copied here part of the reply!

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My message to Panda France:

I have read all your details about Panda Cloud, which is of course free, can you give me an argument as to why I should renew my existing Panda antivirus pro 2009 for the new version (which you insist on offering it for 3PC's when I only have one) from everything I have read cloud will give me the same protection except for a firewall in which case I will have to use the built in one from Windows. On the same theme if I do want to renew my licence I would prefere to pay in Sterling, you do not seem to offer this alternative anymore? A quick answer please as my licence runs out soon and if I don't continue to stay with Panda I must quickly find another A.V.

  BRYNIT 16:12 18 Mar 2010

Why not forget about Panda and use either Microsoft Security Essentials click here

Or Avast click here

Both free

  ronalddonald 18:02 18 Mar 2010

renewing but go to click here and download a free anti virus and firewall

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