Panasonic miniDV

  User-6FAD0298-AD15-4C4D-822E03BC3B89AC47 11:03 23 Jan 2004

Why do panasonic sell digital camcorders but not bundle a firewire lead and movie capture software.

Also, why does the accompanying literature not tell you you can't download, so you don't waste hours shouting at the usb cable, provided only for downloading stills!

Surely a camcorder with no means of video capture is a bit like Ford deciding to ship all new models with no wheels.

I'm told that for £100 They will sell me all I need for using the thing as intended, bargain!

  nooney 11:59 23 Jan 2004

I purchased a Panasonic Mini digicorder GS10 and like you there was not a lead available.
On contacting panasonic who will sell me one they want over £30 for it , but it is out of stock and no idea when new supplies will be available.
I will double check if the lead will allow downloads of video to my PC and not just stills.

I got the GS50b, largly due to the review in this mag last year. No mention of missing cables and software in that either. I guess when they send one to a magazine for review, they include all the bits. mere paying customers don't get it so good.

  Demora 17:04 23 Jan 2004

I Have the NV-GS5B and it states in the front of the manual 'Optional' extra cables. as we had already a JVC digital camera we had most of the leads and the USB came with mine.

I had various video editing software so I've not had any problems and as a firewire cable came with my soundcard. I didn't need to buy any.

I have a local Panasonic shop and they are really helpful too. IF they haven't got it they send me off to Maplins.

try click here Based in Exeter


  Demora 17:06 23 Jan 2004

Ok forget the web address. Something gone really wrong there.


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