Panasonic Camera, My first and last. (Battery Prices)

  Ex plorer 09:23 05 Sep 2013

Hi I have bought myself a Panasonic TZ40 and its very good camera.

CONS However I need two extra batteries and this is where I will never buy a camera without first checking the price of them or other accessories.

The cheapest original battery I can find from a well known shop is £33.99 and they hit the £40.00 mark in some outlets, in the reviews I have read I cant remember seeing this mentioned.

The battery in question that came with the camera DMW-BCM13E 3.6v 1250mAH 4.5Wh Li-Lion.

There are the replacement, compatibles, that vary from £3 to £27 so how good are they. Many of them claim full compatibility with the original but for how long read the link.

What I have seen to be fully compatible can vary in higher output higher v mAH is this dangerous.

I have read that the Panasonic battery has a chip and wont update correctly and can shut the camera down if the correct one is not used.

Read this Link

So whats the answer buy and try, or pay Panasonic's Inflated price and be safe.

I would rather charge out of the camera with compatible battery's, and I see that chargers are available including an in car charger that claim to charge the Panasonic battery as well.

  HondaMan 10:31 05 Sep 2013

Try Here They seem competitive enough. Basically though, you get what you pay for. The batteries for my camera (SSP)is just under £100, but they go on forever (3500 plus shots per charge). Compatibles average less than half that.

  wiz-king 14:17 05 Sep 2013

Higher volts is a (expensive) problem as it will damage the camera, higher mA will give a longer battery life per charge.

  Ex plorer 16:30 05 Sep 2013

Thank you for your comments, it just shows you that some bumf stretches the truth just to sell a battery. I keep searching as its interesting and found lower mA and claiming to be compatible with the FZ40.

  HondaMan 07:47 06 Sep 2013

Which goes to prove wiz-king's point. The Nikon batteries I use are 11.1v and 2500mAh

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