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Palm One, Take care if buying on line

  mikef. 07:59 10 Jan 2004

The story so far

Dec. 4th ordered a travel kit for my Palm Zire 71 on line directly from Palm 0ne, order confirmed in email.

Dec 6th email notifying me of dispatch, with tracking number, but no delivery company to track delivery with, delivery in 5-10 days.

Dec 10 my bank statement notifies me my account has been debited, stupidly used Switch!!

Dec 16 no sign of delivery so Palm One emailed asking them to look into non delivery.

Dec 17 reply from Palm asking me to wait another week and to email them if still not received, well it's Christmas so I will give them some grace with postal delays.

Dec 28 still no sign so emailed Palm again confirming delivery details as requested from previous email, also pointing out I need the item in 2 weeks for travel abroad.

Dec 29 reply saying they would "put a trace on the order"

Since then NOTHING Emailed them Jan 7th informing them that if I did not receive a delivery date or refund of my money in 48 hours I would publish the story, obviously no reply so I have published here, next step is to contact Trading Standards Monday.

So to summarise if you order directly from Palm be aware it may not be as smooth as you hope as they like many computer companies seem to have problems dealing with customer service

  Forum Editor 08:39 10 Jan 2004

I see no real problem - in fact I was mildly surprised to note that the company didn't take your money until after the goods had been despatched - many companies wouldn't send goods unless they had received payment.

I find it odd that you didn't get the name of the courier service being used, because as you say, the tracking number wasn't any good without that information. Many delivery services slowed dramatically over the Christmas period - ParcelForce took ten days to get a small package from a supplier in Coventry to me in London. I suppose you could have asked for the courier details - then you could have done the tracking yourself.

This is always a difficult situation; I agree that the company doesn't appear to have exerted itself too much after the event, and you've been very patient, but it's also fair to say that the fact the package appears to have gone missing isn't their fault - the carrier has obviously lost it en route. I feel it's a bit unfair of you to warn others that things may not be "as smooth as you hope" - based on a single experience, but I agree that this company hasn't bent over backwards either. We don't get complaints about them as a rule, in fact I can't remember when we've had one.

You'll obviously take what action you see fit, but I'm at a loss to see what Trading Standards could do - there doesn't appear to be a Trading Standards issue here. I think you might get a better result by talking to the company involved - Trading Standards will probably ask you if you've done that anyway.

  mikef. 10:50 10 Jan 2004

Talking to the company is difficult, I've emailed them again today, the trouble is this is the only contact available on site as there is no phone number detailed anywhere. The next step will be to write to them by recorded delivery , as the address is available on my printed invoice.

After searching the site again very carefully it mentions in one very small paragraph that they use UPS, but trying the tracking number at the site nothing comes up, on the dispatch email it says that delivery method is TPFA which is less than helpful, it could be Parcel Force, but the site is down at the moment so I can't check with them.Then again how often do we check who the courier is as we have no say who they use and trust the company to get that right.

I agree the package has obviously been lost in transit but PALM are responsible for their chosen method of delivery so it should be their responsibility to sort it out or arrange another delivery.

The only other times I have had trouble with parcels being lost or misdelivered was once by Amazon, who sent out a replacement immediately and Creative who's customer service bent over backwards to sort out the problem and emailed me up to twice a day until the parcel was found, it had been delivered to the wrong address. So maybe you can understand my annoyance at the seemingly blasé attitude by Palm.

As regards the payment it does seem odd, but that was the date on my bank statement but as the delivery was sent out on a Saturday it may have taken that long to appear, but it had been authorised at the time of the order.

  mikef. 11:01 10 Jan 2004


I have now found the customer service number by searching the internet and rung them, they have now promised immediately to send out another kit, no explanation about why they haven't replied to emails but here's hoping.

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