Palicomp Issues

  Daesmirdum 10:50 13 Nov 2011

Having brought a computer from Palicomp (On Ebay) last week with the following specs:

Mother Board: P8P67 Pro CPU: I7 2600k Ram: 8GB XMS 1600mhz GPU: XFX Radeon HD 6970 Monitor: 22+ AOC

So... Having brought this on EBay I have recieved the item one working day later as advertised (Q-Jump)... and taking it out the box it does look good, but suddenly there is a serious hitch: No DVI to VGA converter block so I can not connect the monitor to the GPU. I phone Palicomp who reassure me they will ship out a new one that day (Friday.. so hopefully here tomorrow). I decide to bit the bullet and buy a converter/cable from PCWorld to be able to use the machine over the weekend for some BF3 goodness.

I plug the DVI-DVI cable in and boot up the machine into my windows install cd.. and get an awful amount of static and colour bars across the monitor. I wander if this is a loose connection so change the monitor connection to VGA with the converter block... same thing. Moving the cable and converter in both instances increases and decreases the amount of static on the screen, but never gets rid of it.

I then try the same on another monitor: ditto.

So I phone Palicomp who ask me to reseat the graphics card. I do this, no solution to the problem. I am then asked to move the graphics card to a lower PCI-E port.. I can't do this due to the size of the case so thats a no go. A stroke of genius then comes over me and I decide to try the HDMI port with my TV (Surely this should work if it's just the port?!).. and guess what... even more static!

Palicomp are offering a free return to base on Monday for repairs, but this therefore means that I am without the computer for over a week even though I brought it on ebay because of the Q-Jump sales.

So far though I must say their customer support has been amazing, always very polite and professional, but I wish that so far the purchase had gone to plan.

I will update this thread as the issues get dealt with... and hopefully I'll have a working computer this time next week.

Oh.. the monitor is amazing though and works wonderfully on my old PC!

So I suppose I should ask.. should I be filing a complaint with Paypal at this stage or waiting to see what happens. Also would it be cheeky of me to ask for either a partial upgrade or refund due to the issues?

  spuds 11:56 13 Nov 2011

"should I be filing a complaint with Paypal at this stage or waiting to see what happens"

Palicomp seem to want to resolve any issues that you are experiencing, either by telephone support or by returns method, so its only fair to give them a chance to put things right. But having said that, PayPal have a cut-off time in resolving complaints, so it might be advisable to contact PayPal and ask their views, or read up Ebay/PayPals terms and conditions regarding Resolution.

If you paid by credit card through PayPal, then you might need to consider the way your credit card company will deal with this matter at a later time(if problems are not resolved), possibly under section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act, because the transaction as gone through PayPal's procedures.

You should also consider that you have extra rights under the Distance Selling Regulations (DSR), if you made the complaints within the 7 day period on receipt of the item, and hopefully have kept records of communications.

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