Paint Shop Pro 8

  karad 14:43 15 Apr 2003

Hi, I now have an address where I can buy the PSP 8 upgrade when it becomes available, my questio is this, how does this or indeed any other place know that you are eligible for an upgrade and what stops everyone else buying the upgrade at reduced price.

  Diemmess 16:15 15 Apr 2003

The only places that can know of you,.... are suppliers that required a registration to unlock some previous software.

Many quite big names will sell you an upgrade whoever you are. One time it was only necessary to make some feeble show of having a license for a "lite version" of a rival product.

One thing to watch is the obvious one ---- will it install if it doesn't find the previous version on your hard disk?

Upgrades to many of the components of Microsoft office have been like that.

Another point is that you may have receive little more than the CD for your money, because it is assumed you already have what to them is the most expensive part - the Manuals.

  karad 22:27 15 Apr 2003

The company in question is digital workshop which is the Uk supplier of Jasc software, they are endorsed by Jasc, they say the upgrade is a boxed product complete with manuals etc. They also say you have to uninstall PSP 7 and then install the upgrade which confused me a little. The upgrade will be priced at £46.00 when available.

  HawkeyePierce 12:15 16 Apr 2003

I also use PSP 7

What's the link to the upgrade info? I can find stuff about PSP 7XE but no upgrade pricing for 7 => 8 @ £46 or did you email them to ask about it?

  colberly 18:34 16 Apr 2003

If you have registered your copy of PSP 7XE you should get an e mail from jasc re the upgrade. I have just received one informing me about the cost etc. It will be available mid May, but they are taking orders now.

  karad 09:09 17 Apr 2003

hawkeye link is click here

  HawkeyePierce 12:30 17 Apr 2003

Thanks karad, but I still can't find anything that mentions an upgrade for PSP7 users (not 7XE) for £46 though...........must be my age ;o)

  karad 14:39 17 Apr 2003


  karad 14:58 17 Apr 2003

Hawkeye person to email is [email protected]

  Offline 16:12 17 Apr 2003

You could give the last beta a try and see what version 8.0 is all about. click here

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