Packard Bell IPower 5542 Not As Advertised

  Macka77 19:13 27 Jan 2003

I went into my local PC World at the end of December and ordered a Packard Bell IPower 5542 which was advertised as having an external floppy drive.

When it arrived the external floppy drive was not included so I phoned their customer service number and was advised that according to their spec. it does not come with one but it should come with the items I got and a TV out cable which I did not get either. The person I spoke to said the best thing to do was go back to the store and take it up with them (very helpful!).

A couple of weeks later I managed to get into another PC World store and spoke to a member of staff...he said he would go and get a manager and about 10 minutes later came back and said none were available and said to queue up at their PC Clinic - after about 30 minutes of waiting in a long queue which did not seem to shift at all I had to leave as I was running late for an appointment but did get another member of staff to photocopy the specification which was shown on the shelf.

As I cannot get any useful help from their 'help line' or in their stores...does anyone have any suggestions on what I should do next (other that not buy from PC World again)?


  oresome 20:06 27 Jan 2003

I'd have thought the quickest solution was to call at your local store and speak to a manager. Don't take no for an answer. Managers that are too busy to speak to their customers will soon find they have more time on their hands, but rather fewer customers.

  jazzypop 20:51 27 Jan 2003

Sadly, you have 3 basic choices -

1. Buy an external USB floppy from somewhere like DABS - about £35

2. Go back to a PCWorld and wait

3. Demand that PCWorld meet your their statutory obligations, and threaten the full weight of the law, etc, etc (in writing to Head Office).

Just be very certain of your facts before 'thumping the desk' (was it advertised as being supplied with an External FDD, or capable of using one?), and try to take evidence of the fact that you notified PCWorld immediately you realised that it was missing (copies of correspondence).

You may still have a problem if they continue to say that their spec does not include one. It is your word against theirs that it was advertised as being included, and your word against theirs that it was not supplied.

I am not trying to cast doubts on your story at all - just trying to be practical.

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