Packard Bell

  sjm_411 19:47 04 Mar 2006

Would really appreciate opinions on this Packard Bell from PC World:

click here

I've got a budget from £650 - £899 which I'm looking for a desktop for the flight simulator, internet, music and burning CDs/DVDs with a 19" LCD Monitor and is pretty future-proof for some upgrades (i.e. graphic cards, PCI, SLi etc).

Any ideas on this or other desktop suggestions that fit my needs would be great. Thanks for your thoughts.


  SG Atlantis® 20:16 04 Mar 2006

if your lucking for real upgradability options I'd go for a custom builder, like a local supplier.

  SG Atlantis® 20:25 04 Mar 2006


I mean looking.

(that's my belfast accent coming across on screen lol)

  gudgulf 21:54 04 Mar 2006

Looking at the detailed specification it doesn't seem to have a PCI-e slot for future graphics card upgrade.

Packard Bell make some very good looking kit but they are often using custom made parts which drastically reduces upgradability.I'm not too impressed with the one in your link.

I'd have a look at the range from Mesh click here or Cube click here

  SG Atlantis® 23:58 04 Mar 2006

click here=

that's mine, it has a PCI-E slot for graphics and uses a socket 939 MSI motherboard, the 320gb hdd is actually 2 SATA 160gb drives. The monitor shown is an advent I got them to swop it to a cracking Samsung 19tft.

  ade.h 00:05 05 Mar 2006

It looks - or should that be lucks - like a dog's dinner. For your budget, something from Evesham or a similar box-shifter would do nicely and you wouldn't have to deal with PCW.

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