SEASHANTY 15:29 21 Apr 2003

Pace Electronics are about to release a digital TV
box which has a 20GB hard disk fitted internally which is capable of giving 10 hours digital recording of TV programmes. Price is £350 which I consider is a touch expensive. They should have made it a 40GB disk to give 20 hours recording. It will also give time lapse recordings. Details on the pace website click here>

  Coaster3 15:35 21 Apr 2003

I can't find the bit where it says there is a 20Mb disk. I wonder if it could be replaced with a 40 or ever larger disk.

  SEASHANTY 16:15 21 Apr 2003

Coaster3. On the Pace website click on "Where To Buy" then click on the "DIGITALBOXSHOP" coloured logo. It mentions in the info that the hard disk is 20 Giga Bytes.

  Stuartli 00:20 22 Apr 2003

A touch expensive.....:-)

Daylight robbery more like it.

  anchor 08:49 22 Apr 2003


Give it time, it will come down. I recall that the first VHS recorder that I bought in the mid seventies cost £750!!!.

  SEASHANTY 16:11 22 Apr 2003

Guess new technology items do tend to be pricey when first released. The first VHS video I purchased from Currys round about 1980 cost £650. A salesman delivered it by van and was quite prepared to spend free time demonstrating how it all worked. Was Hitachi make and model something like E750. At todays prices that £650 then would be over a thousand. Now you can buy video recs for £60. Sure - prices will drop in time but some of us don't have a lot of time left!

  Tenner 17:41 22 Apr 2003

" ....... but some of us don't have a lot of time left!"

Good job it has time lapse recording, then ! ;-)
but I know what you mean


  cdb 19:20 22 Apr 2003

or somewhere around that and does the same I think

click here

  SEASHANTY 15:53 23 Apr 2003

Was aware of the SKY+ box but I am already forking out £25 per month for NTL 600 BB. 'phone is BT. I can't afford SKY also. The main advantage of the Pace box is that it has TWO "FREEVIEW" Digital channels available so you could record one digital channel and record another one in digital quality.
It may be useful for someone considering buying a Freeview digital box but in my case I already have two of the excellent Omelette shaped Pace digital boxes sold by Argos at £99 each. Have one box on each of two TV's but you can't record and watch digital quality on two channels at the same time unless you have two boxes. Pity is that they didn't bring out this TWIN box sooner. Have a Hauppauge PVR USB box to record to the Hard disk in the PC but this means having to have the PC running which I do not want to do.

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