p55 i5 750 or x58 i7 920

  SPPeon 13:07 17 Feb 2010

Hi everyone,

I would like to know what to buy between:
motherboard:p55 msi gd45
processor: core i5 750
memory: 4gb 1333mhz

motherboard:Msi x58 m
processor:core i7 920
memory: 4gb 1066mhz

I'm doing sharepoint development.
I'm seeking extensibility.
Esata support and hard disk speed is important as memory ammount.
Gpu isn't important in my case.

Thanks for advice.

  I am Spartacus 14:28 17 Feb 2010

I would suggest that either of those are overkill for the use you are putting them to. Note that the X58 boards are designed to work with triple channel RAM so 6GB would be more effective. It would not cost much more to get faster RAM for the X58 system either.

An SSD as the OS disk would give you extra performance with one or 2 mechanical drives for data (and backup).

Have you got any systems in mind that you can link to?

  SPPeon 14:42 17 Feb 2010

I will assemble my own pc. It will be cheaper.
I know that both are overkill but im thinking about future too... price isn't much different i would add 100€ to get the i7 config...But i don't really have money for ssd right now.

I read that i5 750 is working like i7 920 in lots of reviews, but can be even better for non multithreaded applications, but im worrying about upgrading cause the gulftown i9 will be on the x58 platform.

  I am Spartacus 15:20 17 Feb 2010

Performance wise there's not a great deal between the two. If you were doing a lot of video editing, were planning on overclocking and wanted an upgrade path to the higher performing CPUs in the future then I'd probably get the Socket 1366.

However there's no guarantee that current socket 1366 boards will be able to support or allow the full features of new CPU's. In addition USB3 and SATA6 will become more common over the next few months/years so something you buy now may still have to be replaced to get the full benefit of those features.

You could consider cutting down on the costs of this upgrade with a socket 1156 system and putting the money towards an SSD.

  citadel 16:58 17 Feb 2010

there are future cpus that are for 1366 only, i would not bother with ssd, a samsung f3 is great,

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