Oyster card hack to be published

  peter99co 17:33 21 Jul 2008

Watch out dogdy cards..... Any fraudulent card would be identified within 24 hours of being used and blocked. Using a fraudulent card for free travel is subject to prosecution and we would seek to enforce this wherever possible."

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  Forum Editor 18:33 21 Jul 2008

for some time - people who have an interest in data security systems have been following the case carefully; I certainly have.

I agree with those who say it is in the public interest to disclose the fact of a security flaw in the Mifare chip, but I strongly disagree that there should be any publication of the methodology used to carry out the hack - that just strikes me as sensationalism for the sake of it, and a dangerous disregard for the effects it might have on the businesses that depend on the chip for their revenue stream, and on the organisations which use it for security purposes. The court's comment that "Damage to NXP (the chip makers)is not the result of the publication of the article but of the production and sale of a chip that appears to have shortcomings." strikes me as particularly unhelpful, to say the least, and reeks of a lack of understanding of the real world.

No doubt all these companies and government departments will be looking at ways to harden their systems to prevent widespread fraud, and will certainly expect NXP (the chip manufacturers) to come up with some answers.

  jack 08:17 22 Jul 2008

The fact the flaw and the potential to hack is out in the open.
As FE said - now the interested parties- can harden their resolve to correct the fault.
Sooner this than a massive leak of money from out of the blue.

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