Owt for nowt? No chance!

  Diemmess 10:44 19 Nov 2005

Wanting to upgrade Corel 9 to 12 without too much financial pain, I rushed into ebay and bought - " COREL DRAW GRAPHICS SUITE 12 (NEW & BOXED) SEALED, GENUINE UK, NOT AN IMPORT OR COPY.">

It arrived overnight. As suspected had no manuals, but installed properly and proved to have the facilities I wanted.
Because of a freak disaster to the Disk 1 (details will be posted in a different thread) in trying to get a replacement I ran into loads of flak.

From the vendor, who said "if I returned it he would -look at it for me! If I had looked at the site I should have seen the note about Academic licence" and so on and so on.

From Corel who scolded me for buying an Education license which apparently carries no manuals, support or update web-facility and should not have been sold to me anyway, without proof of eligibility.

This vendor does a lot of business and the feedback is almost exclusively positive. The few bits of negative feedback defeat themselves by being abusive rather than objective.

The neutrals and some of the positives when critical, seem to have exclusively the same complaint as I have, namely the clever arrangement of the advert, so that in the enthusiasm and business of buying, the "critical small print" is not so much hidden, as presented in the far off parts of the advert.
To rub it in, the vendor then always ripostes with a terse comment about reading ability.

I am old enough, and thought I was wise enough to know better, but I hope this is one more example to others of the need to approach any purchase like that with extreme scepticism playing Devil's advocate, until really sure where the snags lie. There are always some!

  Forum Editor 10:47 19 Nov 2005

that old story about "all that glisters" etc.

  spuds 11:05 19 Nov 2005

This type of practice seems to be getting much worse nowadays, with goods that are being advertised in such a way, when in actual fact the opposite may apply.

I have an investigation in progress at the present. Getting eBay or PayPal to respond in a timely manner seems to be nigh on impossible.

  Diemmess 11:21 19 Nov 2005

The difficuties mentioned in initially posting this can be found
click here

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