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Pure and utter frustration has drive me to write this. I just feel my case needs to be highlighted. On Jan 15 2003 I returned a fauly Logitech cordless mouse (part of the Logitech mouse + keyboard kit) to the vendor - Overclockers.co.uk. To date I've received nothing but grief as a reward for giving them my custom.

My first e-mail to them was ignored

A phone call to their Returns department ended with "... they're they numbers you can quote when your stuff hasn't turned up 6 months later". Using the RMA number provided I returned the faulty item.

After over 1 month I contacted them by e-mail for information on my replacement - including my RMA number and order number. The reply was:

"Dear sir, Do you have your returns number?"

I replied to this e-mail stating that I had provided the returns number in the previous e-mail. I received the following reply:

"Dear sir,Have you returned the item(s)?"

Again I told them I had already returned the items + order number + returns number. I got this as a reply:

"Dear sir,
I apologise for any delays but can i ask what the problems you are
incurring please. I will then respond with a RMA number.
I will also need your order number."

After receiving this I e-mailed their Managing Director Mark Proudfoot. He never replied and the mail never bounced back to me as being undeliverable.

The case was then taken over by another one of their staff who in the end has quite clearly told me that they cannot return my mouse until I send them the receiver unit as this is the only one that will work with my mouse. This means me sending back my perfectly functioning keyboard and receiver unit so that Overclockers can replace my faulty cordless mouse. I asked them to send me a replacement kit and then I would return my keyboard and receiver. They can't do this?? I'm obviously expected to buy yet another keyboard while they're sorting out my issue.... almost 3 months later.

I feel like I've tripped and fallen into a bad episode of the Twilight Zone. I train customer services for a living (internationally) and this particular fiasco has just completely thrown me. If a member of my own staff were to behave like this they'd be minus a job.

I must repeat the same question I asked Overclockers and to which they have yet to reply:

Do they consider the above to be examples of good customer service?

If nothing else I hope that highlighting this particular issue will save others out there the pure grief of dealing with this company.

Thanks for reading this far.


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