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  fitfella29 17:07 06 Jul 2004


i sent back a 2 month old asus 9800xt which at the time cost me over £300 4 weeks ago as it had became faulty.

i was told id get a replacement card (thinking id get a brand new one) and that turned up yesterday.

well after opening the box it wasnt a brand new replacement but a serviced one and to top it all off the card was bent and the box it arrived was in was all worn and tatty and the manuals and cd`s were in the same condition.when i had sent this off to them everything was in pristine condition.

ive emailed them and alls i got was that to just bend the bent bit on the card back into shape and all should be ok!

heres a pic of the card,look at the bottom left hand corner for the bent bit.

click here

this isnt acceptable,if i wasnt going to recieve a brand new card surely i should of recieved my card back (repaired) that i had origonally owned and paid for not someone elses repaired and in a worse condition than the card i sent off.

what grounds do i stand on if any to make a complain?

thanks for reading.

  Totally-braindead 17:48 06 Jul 2004

The link doesn't work it takes you to a search/webpage

  fitfella29 18:56 06 Jul 2004

try typing it into your browser:

w w w.cybcity.com/tkc/bent.jpg

not with the spaces between the `s.

  harps1h 23:40 06 Jul 2004

what was their comments on your old card?

  byfordr 09:21 07 Jul 2004

If I were you go in hard and heavy, get your cc company involved.

I had hassle with them returning a graphics card that was not the one I ordered. Found them impossible to contact by phone and they didn't respond to emails. So sent them a email saying I would get my credit card company to refuse payment on the order if they didn't arrange a full refund and a courier to pick up the offending item. Did the trick, wouldn't use them again.


  harps1h 20:30 07 Jul 2004

in response to byfordr, i too had to return a video card which was 4 months old.
i phoned them on the tuesday, got through after about 4/5 mins., and was given an rma no and told a new would be sent when they received my old one. i posted on the thursday and they received it on the friday. on the following tuesday i received an e-mail to say that a new card had been dispatched, which i received on wednesday. a total of 7 days door to door. i would call that GOOD service.
i feel that you get a response comensurate with the stance you first adopt. a lesson in all walks of life. however you still haven't said what their comments were about your old card

  -Beb- 11:29 08 Jul 2004

If I was you try and get a different brand of 9800xt card if you do get another as Asus' 9800xt are known to become faulty (probably due to them overheating)

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