User-CAFF2B9F-CD99-44B1-AE3F84A1FD067453 11:16 05 Mar 2003

Hi folks,

Does anybody else here have any experience in returning fautly goods to this company?

I recently returned a Logitech cordless mouse and a Duron 1.2 to them for replacement. I folowed their RMA process to the letter and then............ nothing.

My first e-mail was answered with. "Dear Sir have you provided your return refernce" - both my return references were included in the e-mail itself.

My second e-mail was replied to with "Dear Sir have you returned the items???" - my reply stated that not only had I returned the items but again I gave the date and reference numbers. In frustration I copied the managing director of the company in the e-mail and .............

nothing...I just find this incredible.This is not how you run a business. Their sales rep said "here's the reference numbers you can quote 6 months later when you haven't heard anything from us" which I took as a joke.... it's not funny anymore.

Anybody else have any experience with this crowd?



  leo49 11:37 05 Mar 2003

Afraid my own and many other folk's experience of Overlookers is diametrically opposite as they've always provided exemplary service. I would give them a ring and calmly explain your predicament and I'm sure this will get sorted.


  leo49 11:37 05 Mar 2003

Doh....Overclockers of course.

  RomQ 14:45 05 Mar 2003

here: click here

I have nothing but praise for these people, really fast service excellent quality, and the one time I had to return something the replacement item was on my doorstep before I had posted faulty one off, so I agree, calmly phone them and explain, I am sure someone there will be apologetic

  Lead 17:39 05 Mar 2003

I've had trouble with them myself and now won't use them.

I wanted some RAM, they had what I wanted and it was very cheap. So I ordered it and proceded through to the checkout. When I got there, the RAM had increased in price by over £50! So I called them up. They told me the price in my basket was correct and they had never advertised the memory at the lower price I quoted.

I told them I was looking at the web page right now and it reads £xxx, so I want it at that price please. I could then hear frantic typing and all of a sudden, the price jumped. They had increased the price right in front of me! They lied and cheated me, so I hung up.

Anyway, a couple of weeks later, I was still in need of some RAM and I ended up back at their website. Now I like to give people a second chance and their RAM was (although more expensive than last time) still a little cheaper than elsewhere, so I reluctantly ordered it. What a mistake!

To cut a long story short, they delivered the wrong RAM, twice. It took me over a month to sort it out and countless telephone calls and emails. Plus, I never did the refund for my return postage they had promised. :|

  Kadoka 18:13 05 Mar 2003

I would register you views on their fourms
click here

As you'd proberly get your problem sorted!

  sil_ver 19:26 05 Mar 2003

My experience of O'clockers. Ordered cpu cooler, received same but was wrong type (my fault), quick phone call, received right cooler and sent original one back via same courier. Total time from first order, 3 days.

  two00lbwaster 19:34 05 Mar 2003

i'm just about to return a 9500 for refund so i'll see how that goes (pathitic performance will wait for ti4800 prices to fall or 9700 prices to fall. preferably the latter)

  A Pound of Sausages 19:58 05 Mar 2003

Twoolblaster - you should have bought a 9500 PRO - it outperforms a ti4600 (well it does on mine anyway)

  Spook Tooth 20:40 05 Mar 2003

Repeatedly requested RMAs for faulty and incorrectly sent items and gave up. I didn't pursue it to phoning in, as the items were low value.

I've used them in the past when building this system and they delivered fine. I'm not sure I'd particularly choose them above others, there are loads of companies which fit the same niche, and I see no reason above Overclockers.co.uk to not choose them instead. Result - no customer loyalty gained from me.

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