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Am I the only person who thinks it is reasonable to assume that, if someone orders a DVD Writer (Freecom -/+ version with black bezel) and a pack of DVD-R disks from the same supplier (Overclockers.co.uk) at the same time, on the same order, that the customer should be able to reasonably expect the disks to work with the drive.?
I just did this, and the disks wont work with the drive - ive tested this by buying different DVD-R's and the drive wrote them without complaint... Now overclockers is refusing to even consider an exchange to another disk as the disks have been opened... How exactly was I supposed to check if they worked or not without opening them? Overclockers have, in the past, had several hundred, (and probably a couple thousand) pounds of mine and my customers money (I am, among other things, a system builder, producing 2-10 PC's a month)... Are they really so stupid as to annoy any customer (never mind one who spends often and copiously) over the amount of profit on a £30 pack of 25 DVD's.... I believe this should be covered under the Sale Of Goods Act 1979, as they are not fit for the purpose for which they were purchased - a purpose which they can, in my opinion, have been expected to be aware.... Comments anyone?

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Well it could be argued that you may have been ordering discs for someone else, so Overclockers werent to know. And if you were buying the discs as well as the writer Im sure it wouldnt have been too difficult to check that they were compatible before pressing "submit order", as a system builder one would assume you are competent.

Im not trying to dig or anything but you cant assume they will check every order to make sure that everything in the order was cmpatible, it would cause a nightmare , as some people do order different kinds of discs at the same time (Im pretty sure anyway)

As for not refunding/replacing, I agree it is rather bad practive on there part, (although I dont agree with saying you spend £x amount of money (-it does not really add much to the argument) Also if you have spent so much surely you realise they are generally goood and not very risky to deal with) They may argue that you should have again checked the format to the drive (which is easy enough) and that they wouldnt be able to sell them on again now.

Lots of points I know, probably a bit of a muddle as well - but hey thats how my mind works!

  Rayuk 19:13 19 Sep 2003

You could suggest you will return dvdrw as on the website it states dont worry "This drive records on all DVD-R[W] media" and as you have found out that is incorrect.

So its replace DVD media or reject writer

Hope this is the dvdrw you mean
Freecom Classic

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DVD writers are well known for being finicky about what they write to so if a statement is made to the effect that Rayuk suggests then you have a very good case for a claim.

  bremner 20:44 19 Sep 2003

Could the statement not mean that the drive is capable of recording to the -R -RW +R and +RW formats rather than all makes of DVD

  Rayuk 20:48 19 Sep 2003

It states records on all DVD R[W]media,
click here

  [DELETED] 21:01 19 Sep 2003

Read the discription carefully - after the exclamation mark wher it says it records on all DVD Madia it then goes on to say;

[Exclamation mark followed by] "worry about the media"

Talk about covering their backs!!! ;-))

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Then you leave me no choice in the matter....

Your website states specifically....

"Read and write DVD+RW and DVD-RW formats.No need to worry about media
compatibility.This drive records on all DVD R(W)media!"

This drive does NOT record on all media - it will not record on the media
you provided, I have no option than to reject the drive as IT is not as
I therefore give you a choice....

An EXCHANGE of the media - I never demanded a refund in the first place...
Or a full unconditional refund on the drive, as it is not as described and
therefore fully in breach of The Sale Of Goods Act 1979 (as amended) and
also most likely in breach of The Trade Descriptions Act 1968.

I await your response.

Please note I have both paper hardcopy and screenshots of the above, which I
can provide as evidence should the need arise.

Colin M. Ormsby

Lets see what they do with that....

  [DELETED] 21:46 19 Sep 2003

Yes, I would like to think I was competent... The writer I purchased claims to be able to write to DVD-R among the other formats, and I specifically ordered DVD-R disks - to make sure of this compatibility with the format in general, when I bought a 5 pack of discs to check the drive with a different type of media, i made a point of buying DVD-R again and they worked fine - its the discs, not the format that is apparently the problem. According to the descriptions of both items on the site, they should be compatible - one is DVD-R and the other claims to write to DVD-R.
And finally, in response to your comment about the amount of money I have spent - while in a perfect world, everyone should get the same high levels of customer service, in the real world, any competent business will go the extra mile to retain the satisfaction of a regular customer in order to retain that customers loyalty. For the record though, I was hoping I would get what I wanted without using that particular tool, and made a point of NOT mentioning it - I was interested to know if they offered good service as standard, or only when it suits them.
I have read the archives here, and their service swings from excellent to abysmal - its a strange way to run a business..

  Stuartli 23:48 19 Sep 2003

If you buy a DVD rewriter and the media at the same time then the only presumption that can be made is that both will be used together....

If the media won't work with the rewriter then you are quite entitled to assume that one or the other is not fit for its purpose.

In the event that the rewriter will work with other media, overclockers should provide a suitable or superior substitute without question, or refund the cost of both the rewriter and the media.

The simple answer, if you don't have any satisfaction, is to contact your local Tradings Standard department and make sure that it takes up your complaint on your behalf.

Don't be put off by a TS perhaps stating it is the job of the TS in the area where overclockers operates - it has an obligation to deal with your complaint no matter which part of the UK is involved.

As for the amount of money you spend with the organisation it should not make any difference and, secondly, records will reveal to the company exactly how much you do. It should therefore, as you intimate, go out of its way to ensure satisfaction.

  [DELETED] 00:27 20 Sep 2003

I would read "This drive records on all DVD R(W)media" to mean 'all' as in DVD-RW and DVD+RW though. I also think it's bad that the description isn't up to scratch.

On the positive side for Overclockers, I had an order from them about 2 months ago, recently I've had a fan break. I rang OC and they immidiately sent out an email with an RMA code and how to return the fan. I didn't spend a huge amount, and it was my first order from them. The point of this:- they seem to treat everyone equally, wether you spend £200 or £2000.

It'll be interesting to see if the product description gets updated though.

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