Overclockers UK no customer support.

  clayton 17:04 15 Feb 2005

Hi this is my first post in this section of PCA, i just wanted to warn people about dealing with Overclockers UK, i purchased a new motherbaord from them @ the end of january & have spent the last week & a half trying to get through to there customer support lines but there number is always engaged.
I need to get the board i purchased replaced as i belived its faulty,i've even phoned there sales line & that was busy too, so tonight i sent a reply e-mail from my order conformation i got telling them i needed to RMA my motherboard & the reply i got was

We are no longer accepting external emails. If you require assistance
please dial 0870 443 0880 for sales & customer service and 0871 222 8528
for technical support.

So it looks like im back to spending hours on the phone, lucky i've got the week off 1 day all used up trying to call them see if im lucky tomorrow.

  Rayuk 17:27 15 Feb 2005

click here

If you look down the page you will see they are installing new phone system.It states they will let you know when the new system is up and running,cannot see any update so perhaps it isnt in place yet.

Not trying to defend them or anything just posting facts as shown.

  apatia77 17:48 15 Feb 2005

I bought a new computer from them which is not as advertised, got diffrent case and graphic card. Also I have some problems with the sound but can not get through to them. I send them a letter using special delivery but no reply so far.
On thursday I`m planing to visit my local trading standarts and also contact my credid card company and ask for some help.

I can not belive they do it. I had always excellent service from them. It seem that they do not care anymore and that they think only about profit.

I`m planing to go as far as I can because I spent 1000 pounds on a new system witch is not the one as advertised and its faulty.

I think its gonna be very difficult for a refund but I`ll do my best. I hope that this that they sent me system not as advertised is enough to win my money back.

Any help welcome.

  clayton 18:26 15 Feb 2005

Thanks for your reply Rayuk i hadnt noticed the fact that there were upgrading there phones lines, but if they are having problems you would think they would allow e-mailes during this difficult time, ive had this motherboard for about two weeks now & i cant get through to them for support or get an RMA number if its faulty, longer i have it less chance i will have of getting my money back, from what ive been reading there seems to be alot of problems with this new asus board i've purchased.

  spuds 19:59 15 Feb 2005

Checking click here alternative telephone 01782 339600 Might be worth a try.

It is well known in a way that overclockers have become a victim of their own sucess.....

On several modding sites there is people that arent very happy as they cannot get through to overclockers, and are giving up using them due to the poor service and are switching to kustompcs.co.uk who are one of the best for service.....

Hopefully overclockers will get sorted out soon and they can start to re-gain the consumers faith in them.

  Praxis99 12:50 16 Feb 2005

I've needed customer support from Overclockers (Esnet)Ltd on two occasions in the last yr or so.

I too found telephone contact with them to be difficult (lines were always busy or you were on hold) but emails were responded to promptly (within about a day of sending).

Its important however to ensure that you direct inquiries to the right section in the co. In my case an email to a person called Mike Dickenson in Tech Support did the trick and in both instances my problem was resolved to my satisfaction.

Finally would also likewise echo Pilch's comment about Kustom PC's whose support is good (for instance refunding my credit card on an RMA'd product 2 hours after they received it back from me via post). However I would still happily use Overclockers since their prices and stock range are good and there website is clear and easy to use.

  clayton 13:29 16 Feb 2005

Praxis99 Overclockers UK are no longer accepting external emails, only way to contact them is via there phone numbers, i have now managed to get in contact with them.

  roy d 18:08 24 Feb 2005

On The 8 of February i ordered a Hard disc and Dvd Rewriter and a bit of Software,Still waiting,i have rang loads of times and as for that e-mail,they have stopped using that,last year you could e-mail them and get a reply,But now i find it amazing,Being an internet company with a turnover of £35 Million.I Sent them a letter on monday with the e-mail,seeing if they have forgot.Taken the money out of my account on the 10th.

  simonp1 09:40 25 Feb 2005

Overclockers have a forum, and its a very active forum to. I have noticed that customers have started to use it more for getting attention to their problems, why not post their and see if it speeds up the issue.

  apatia77 10:29 25 Feb 2005

Post any sale matters on their forum and your accound is suspended and also post deleted.

Ther`s also no way that you can get a new account with them.

I bought a new computer from them, have lots of problems with it, send 2 letters using special delivery and what - no reply at all. But it used to be a good company. Now my credid card is trying to help me but will see how it goes. I dont wanna end with a system fo over 1000pounds with lots of troubles.

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