Overclockers UK (esnet ltd)

  Craigy 14:00 12 Mar 2005

I ordered a graphics card off these jokers in august. when i got it it didn't work, after about a month of emailing i told them i wanted my money back. They said they won't refund my money cause they still sold the product. so i waited another month then they stopped selling it, i phoned them and it was always busy, so i emailed them and they sent an email straight back saying they dont answer outside emails no more and to use the phone number, i sent another email back telling them they wont answer there phones. So i decided to send a letter and its now been 3 weeks and i've had no reply. IS there anything i can do about this? or do i just keep trying to phone them till i get it sorted.

thanks for any advise given.

  BJN 18:37 12 Mar 2005

well Craigy, I had to contact this Company when they did not send all of an order. They stopped answering Emails, telephone them and you get a recorded message saying all line are emgaged and they cut you off. If your lucky enough to get pasted the message then you hang on for about 40 minutes before they cut you off again. It's impossible to contact this company. They take your money and don't want to know after that.

Good news is after 3 weeks of trying and over 65 telephone calls, I finaly got to speak to a live person (could be the only telephone operater they employ) he sorted out problem stight away

It seem we both have had the same problem, so other members take note if you use this company if the future you have been warned. It take hours and numerous atemps to talk to someone mif you have a problem.

I'd never use this company again, Watford Electronics or Nova Tech have similar pices and are both easy to contact if you have a problem may advice is check these 2 companys out before considering Overclockers.co.uk if you value your sanity.


of the modding forums i visit (Bit tech - Kustompc's) have said that the service levels are poor compared to what they are used to be...

So i tend to use Ebuyer.com (Greatly Improved in the Past 12 months)

click here - Super Duper Service well reccomended!

Scan occasionally and overclock.co.uk - a different company completely...

  byfordr 11:00 13 Mar 2005

Stopped using them when they were near impossible to contact. They had managed to cock up £300 quid worth of order...not impressed with the lack of customer service.

Agree about Ebuyer...some of the best prices. Also noticed they are a lot faster answering enotes than they used to be. Saying that they've always come through with refunds and replacements when they needed to.


  Newuser2 12:17 13 Mar 2005

Try novatech click here
Good prices and good service.
Ordered keyboard on 4th March, not in stock but was still delivered on Thursday 10th last week and that was on a 3 to 5 day delivery option, I'm impressed.
Have used them before and have no complaints.

  Ravenaven 12:50 13 Mar 2005

I'll happily recommend ebuyer.
Mostly a good experience of Dabs (bought a 32" widescreen TV from them once!) but they frequently seem out of stock on what I want lately. They do answer emails.
One purchase from Overclockers - bought a bundle and it was fine, so can't comment on their support.

  Craigy 14:54 13 Mar 2005

cheers everyone, just hope everyone has seen this thread, and it will warn people not to use overclockers uk (esnet ltd). i'm going to still phone them and maybe send another letter or email.

  ste_bla 19:41 13 Mar 2005

They have a new enote type system and thier phones are nearly all ways answered in under 10 mins in the morning!

Also all you do is ask for a RMA and you send it back and under 14 days you get a replacement ive done it with them! dont know what the hell you were doing

  Craigy 20:21 14 Mar 2005

I did send it back but have not received anything back in return. (money or a different G.C) i thought thewy might have emailed/phoned to tell me if i would like a refund or different GC or to tell me whats going on. They just took it off the website.

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