Overclockers .co.uk Bad service

  RonB 16:51 27 Apr 2006

I put this here as my experience with them. I have purchased from them many times, their prices are good and orders are automatic..BUT--- if you want help or try to contact them or want a warranty forget it. They did EVERYTHING to avoid responding- turned off their e-mail system for a long time (when I had a problem with overdue goods and faulty memory, I tried contacting GEIL direct who contacted OC uk and got them to promise to contact me _ 1 year later still no contact) Phone calls were also ignored!!!! I also had an expensive graphics card Ati x800XT -over £317 which failed after 53 weeks(I actually got a response this time from their warranty dept vis- 53 weeks = out of warranty) but any responsible/reputable company worth anything would have replaced it. I hadn't used it for the first 5 weeks because of a problem generated by them (they supplied the wrong memory) and I couldn't build the system - their response by e-mail -sorry out of warranty! The really annoying part was I had to drive down to them and even though they did change the incorrect memory,they said the value had decreaased by £56 and that's all they would refund me- I had to throw away £56 to get my memory changed. I have now had my faulty board confirmed as faulty and had to chuck that -another £317 in the bin. Thanks OC

  Harpur 22:10 27 Apr 2006

did you post this thread before? it seems very familiar

  sMoKez:) 22:50 27 Apr 2006

Your post seems to be a common problem - online sales are gr8 when ur buying; trying to get a refund/credit is a completely different ballgame.

I have had so many problems with online credit purchases that i'm seriously considering just purchasing from pcworld ( lol ) when i need something. Even though they mayb a little bit pricey on somethings-at least you can argue it in there store. ( you don't get into all the writing of emails etc)

  RonB 09:04 28 Apr 2006

I have bought from many other on-line people like Amazon, DABS, MISCO, Watford to name just a few. They have all been great. Admittedly I have only had to return 1 faulty item, that was to Amazon but there was no problem with them at all, only the time it takes for parcels to get there and back :)

  Jdoki 09:15 28 Apr 2006

Agree with Harpur - I think I may be caught in a time-warp that's thrown me back a couple of months.

RonB, I appreciate you may be frustrated with Overclockers, but if this is an update to your previous post it might be worth amending that one.

  RonB 09:25 28 Apr 2006

I did have a previous post but the FE removed it because I suggested something against the forum rules , I did ask the FE to edit the comment out but it was deleted so I have reposted it without the inappropriate bit.

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