overclock.co.uk, SD MMC cards, good?

  Alistaircant 14:59 18 Jan 2005

Just in the market for some SD cards and MMC Cards for both my phone '6230' and Camera 'Optio S4'. Normally look at ebuyer but came across overclock.co.uk and looks pretty good but have not heard much about it. Did a search and only things I could find here are a couple of comments from back in 2003.
Anyone had any recent experience with them or recommendations of other places please post?

Any recommendations on card brands would be useful too.


  Stuartli 15:16 18 Jan 2005

Secure Digital cards are an encrypted and faster development of MultiMedia Cards - despite their advantatges SD cards are virtually the same price now as MMC with the price gap having been sharply narrowed.

Recent threads have pointed out 64MB SD cards at around £9 and 128MB versions at around £15.

However it is not cast in stone that SD and MMC cards are compatible in all equipment - the manual will advise.

There have been occasional criticisms of overclockers but seen any recently.

  Kodan 17:35 18 Jan 2005

click here

click here

There are 2 companies with similar names - overclockERS and overclock

Be careful not to apply criticism or praise of one to the other one.

But finding the two links above has made my credit card itch......

is a great place.. brought many bits off em.. good service..

overclockers from what i can see on a few other PC forums is coming into bit of a bad patch for people saying the returns procedure is poor. click here

Kodan : look at click here that will make you itch!

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