Over sensitive laptop touch pad

  Jezzer1 21:12 05 Nov 2003

I have recently purchased a Multivision Solus 1010 laptop which I am generally pleased with. However, the touch pad is incredibly sensitive to tapping. What's worse there is no facility in the mouse properties to turn off tapping. Their technical support have informed me that it is not possible to update the mouse driver to deliver this function. Is it usual for laptops to not have the ability to turn off tapping (I know that most Sony laptops have this facility) ? Is it really not possible to update the driver to produce this facility ? Should I insist that Multivision replace this laptop with one that does not have such a sensitive touch pad ?

  wee eddie 21:39 05 Nov 2003

My Advent 7007 was similarly sensitive, after several calls and a bit of fiddling, I chickened out!

I popped down to Computer World and spent ?10.00 on a cheap Samsung Optical Mouse. Best value I've had for years.

  Jezzer1 21:48 05 Nov 2003

I know. But that's not the point is it ?
One of the reasons I bought a laptop was so that I could work on it with it on my lap !!

  sat481 22:23 05 Nov 2003

I have a Compaq Laptop and it has the ability to turn tapping off.. Saying that it did take a while to get us to but i coudn't live without it now..

Take time to get us to it you may even like it urself

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