OUTSOURCING-How to Save money!

  mbp 11:17 23 Jun 2005

Take advantage of the skills of citizens in 3rd world countries, and their cheap labour, and get rich. Outsource!

Today, it has been announced that the staff of a company that was used as an "Outsourced Call Center" for some banks have sold confidential data to an illigitimate 3td party. There's greed everywhere!

  wee eddie 13:04 23 Jun 2005

I reckon that this piece of Research has done us all a favour.

However, the same scenario could easily happen here in Britain.

Don't put all the blame at the 3rd World's door.

  spuds 14:33 23 Jun 2005

I think that some of the major companies are having a serious rethink on overseas call centres. The insurance company that I use, have recently issued a newsletter, informing all it's customers that most of the overseas work, as now been transfered back to call centrs in the UK and Eire.

  mbp 15:02 23 Jun 2005

In theory, outsourcing was a great idea, but some of the problems were unsurmountable, and a lot of these services have been repatriated to home base. Pity, the lack of understand of the decision makers has caused this faux Pas. The balance sheet looked attractive enough.

  €dstowe 15:07 23 Jun 2005

After a bitter copmplaint to my bank about their overseas call centre totally misunderstanding something I said and classed me as "unemployed" instead of "employer", I now have the telephone number of my local branch - something that is never normally issued to customers. All it took was a threat from me stating my intention to move my busy and not inconsquential business and personal accounts to another bank.

You may not realise that "unemployed" in banking terms is equivalent to being a Biblical leper or bankrupt without having gone through the official procedure.

I am still not happy in the way I was treated and, even now after "profuse apologies", I'm still considering moving my accounts.

  mbp 17:13 23 Jun 2005

Cdstowe: Error with two simple similar words could have made the difference between backruptcy or getting all the overdraft you need. It is a deadly serious matter! Was it your bad regional pronunciation? or was it a badly tuned ear unused to a real life Englishman speaking regional English (as against BBC English).

There were also a few examples relating to medical translations or transcriptiong that were hillarous, but could have made the difference between life and death. Some aspects of Outsourcing are not suitable for outsourcing and it should be recognized and accepted as such.

  €dstowe 18:50 23 Jun 2005

My accent is reasonably acceptable "stockbroker" style - having been bought up in south Surrey and Uni at UCL.

The woman I was speaking to (the one who misunderstood me) had a comedy type "goodness gracious me accent". This is no reflection on her or her integrity but surely the bank should have made absolutely certain that their outsourced staff could understand a wide range of British accents and for her to have an accent that didn't remind of a television comedy show.

The real problem, though, is that her errors in hearing goes on the bank computer which in turn sets all sorts of alarms into action.

Most galling of all is that the only reason I was phoning the bank in the first place was to make an appointment at their regional offices to discuss private banking and to do that it seemed that there was a multipage questionaire to be answered - which this woman spectacularly failed to do correctly.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 21:03 23 Jun 2005

'surely the bank should have made absolutely certain that their outsourced staff could understand a wide range of British accents and for her to have an accent that didn't remind of a television comedy show'...I find it difficult to understand people in NE UK call centres and many accents in the UK would NOT be understood by someone from 'Surrey'. Bit of a ridiculous statement really and I am afraid reaility is the casualty in this type of debate and Colonel Blimp takes over.


  anchor 14:22 13 Jul 2005

Gandalf is again on his usual hobby horse. Regional accents are surely better understood in the UK because we are much more accustomed to them.

€dstowe`s comments hit a chord. Before going on holiday last month, I safely "hid" my bank debit card. As I could not find it on return, I visited my own branch of a major UK bank to order a replacement. This, I was informed, could not be done by branch staff, and was directed to the house telephone. I was connected to an highly accented operator in Asia, over a very bad line. I could not understand much of what was said to me, except I had to prove my identity. I answered all the usual questions, and then was asked for the missing card number as additional proof. I pointed out that if they need more proof they could call the branch where I was, and carrying my ID. Eventually, the matter was resolved, but it was not a pleasant experience.

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