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  OlduserII 17:53 10 Jul 2003

About ten days ago I bought Visual Basic form PCW after looking at their web site for details and particularly at the 'info' associated with the product and that info stated specifically tht they were selling the latest version. So I popped down to PCW, only ten minutes away, and bought one. It installed fine and worked fine so I put the receipt (showing my credit card number) through the shredder. A few days later I realised that Basic had changed a bit in the last 15 years so I went to PCW again and bought a manual which also incorporated a tutorial CD. As soon as I tried to use the CD a message came up saying the Basic files were not compatible with older versions - when I looked through the manual it also stated trhat this manual was no use for older versions. Then I realised that the version Visual Basic I had bought was Vn2002 and the manual was for Vn2003.
I emailed PCW that I had been sold an out of date version (said nothing yet abt the manual) and got the reply that the version was definitely current quoting Microsoft as selling the same one, that they had no knowledge of Vn2003 and if I felt that I had been misled by the information on the web site I should go to my local branch and prove it. I emailed them again, now telling them about the Vn2003 manuals they are selling but so far have had no reply.
The 'info' on their web site was put right within 24 hours and no longer says their version is the latest.
Do I have a case for claiming being misled or am I just another idiot who did not enquire deeply enough

  barrie_g 18:37 10 Jul 2003

If you saved a copy of the webpage with the offer details (the page which you originally saw) you may have a case as your credit card company will have a copy of your transaction of the purchase.

However it is not the sale which is in dispute rather the fact that you thought that you were buying the newest version, if you have no way of showing this then I would have thought that you are pretty much stuffed.

  obbit 18:54 10 Jul 2003

OlduserII. i am sorry to hear your problem with PCW. would you buy any thing else from PCW?

my personal view is stay well away from them.

  OlduserII 20:08 10 Jul 2003

Thank you Barrie_g - unfortunately wasnt expecting trouble when I first checked their website so didnt take a copy of the relevant page. Later when I sent the first email to them I wasnt quick thinking enough to do it then.

And Obbit -
Its a handy shop and I like to browse round it. But will be very very careful next time if its more than ink or simple stuff that Im buying.

  zanwalk 20:16 10 Jul 2003

I would certainly take it further, the fact that they changed the website shows that someone realised that they had a problem. I would suggest writing to the manager (snailmail) of the store concerned pointing out that the website has changed, and suggesting that he does something about it. It might also be worth having a word with Trading Standards and explaining the situation.

  so3003 17:56 12 Jul 2003

It's always a pain in the backside when things like this happen, and they serve to reinforce the old cliche of "keep a note of absolutely *everything* to do with a transaction".

That means printing out the page with info, printing the receipt page, printing any emails, keeping receipts, and anything else that is at all related to the software. Some people recommend that you keep all such stuff for a period of a few years before destroying it. Can be a lot of hassle storing stuff etc, but it's worth it when things like this happen.

Good that you can share experiences on here though, so others don't fall for the same trick :-(

  wee eddie 19:48 12 Jul 2003

It's a bit tough really, I feel for you.

However, I think that this is how they would argue.

The store sold you the most up to date version of the software that they had available in store and had you bought the manual at the same time you would have been happy and none the wiser. Later in the week/month they may have received a subsequent version of the software into stock and were selling the manual to go with it.

The fact that you, later, bought the manual for a version that you did not have is not really their responsibility.

It is frequently the case that web sites and stores sell different products. For example M&S readily admit to having 3 grades of store. Oxford Street and Princes Street, having been graded A, get the new lines first. Smaller stores out in the sticks may have to wait a while, but the manager will be absolutely correct in saying to you that such and such is his latest line, even though it has been on sale in Oxford Street for 3 months.

  velodrome 20:02 12 Jul 2003

If you deal with a responsible company, say Marks & Spencer, Next, B&Q etc, you would have no trouble in changing these goods. This is where you find out if PCW are one of those companies. I suspect if your letter states what happened in a reasonable manner, they will change the item without any problem.

  OlduserII 23:43 12 Jul 2003

Thank you all for your help and commiserations. If it hadnt been for the big changes Microsoft have made in this bit of software between the two versions the difference wouldnt have mattered very much. There were faults on my side - not finding out which version number was current - not recording every single thing connected with the purchase even when everything seemed to be quite OK etc etc
Therefore I dont think its going to be worth putting them to the test and I will just have to learn a very expensive lesson.

  pj123 23:50 12 Jul 2003

This is just my opinion but I agree with obbit. I wouldn't buy anything from PC World even if it was next door.

  perpetually-perplexed 23:57 12 Jul 2003

i know its very childish but ill tell you what made me feel better today.
i purchased from pcw a ink cartridge last weekend, i got it home to realise id got the wrong one and today i took it back for an exchange only to be told that id already used it and it was empty, even tho the tape was still on the bottom and i wasnt getting my money back and i was trying to steal from them, as i was very upset and embarrased because i knew it was a new cartridge i went out to my car and got a hammer from the toolkit and went back inside and placed the cartridge on the help desk and hit it very hard and the ink exploded all over the place, this proved that it was a full cartridge,

i dont reccomend this course of action cos i spent a good hour telling the police why i did it, they let me go and told the pcw manager to not waste their time.. but i felt really good

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