OS Which one?

  I. T. Mastermind 16:45 07 Aug 2003

Which do you think is the best operating system you have ever used and why?

  CraigC 16:57 07 Aug 2003

Window 2000 Pro...

It has been very stable. Never ever had a blue screen of death and has detected every single hardware device I have ever used. Just about to make the jump to XP only cause its hard to buy a new PC with Windows 2000.


  Starfox 17:04 07 Aug 2003

Without a doubt the best OS yet.

I also had no problems with ME yet many folk just could not get on with it.


  Joe McG 17:47 07 Aug 2003

I.T. Mastermind,

I've used 3.1, win95, win98, Me, win 2000, and i'm now on XP Home.

I've had problems with all, but after finding out all the Do's and don'ts, was able to use all,
(with the exception of Me), with a great deal of success.

200 and Xp are certainly the most stable.

If using xp, and gaming set a partition aside, and format as fat32, while setting all others to ntf.

I'm sure you won't be dissapointed with XP, It's got the best of 2000's stability, and with a fat32 partition, the best in gaming.

  Joe McG 17:47 07 Aug 2003

win200? new o's?. duh

  palinka 16:21 10 Aug 2003

I have 2 machines; one with ME, the other XP Home.
Both have advantages and disadvantages, but as I've used ME longer I prefer it to XP. Never had probs with either.

  spuds 16:53 10 Aug 2003

I have used 95/98se/WME and now XP Pro. I liked WME,and never had any problems. I have now changed to XP Pro and found it a little strange to WME. XP gradually began to grow on me, but in recent days, I have been having serious software communication problems.My printers have all had new drivers installed, but I keep getting errors and drop-outs. Getting to the stage of rethinking my options.

No doubt XP looks good, and Longhorn should be better. We will have to wait and see.

  dfghjkl 17:51 10 Aug 2003

xp pro,is the best,it took me one night to decide,very stable,very forgiving if kids shut down wrong or the electric meter go,s.could not go back now,as it is the future you might as well do it now,or go back to 95

  y_not 22:26 10 Aug 2003

Running three win2k PC's & one win98SE.

They would all run win2k but I have a couple of simple old games that win2k doesn't like......so I suffer the occasional BSOD form win98SE.

Just set up daughters XP laptop......hummmmm....think I'll stay with win2k a while longer

  Southernboy 23:03 11 Aug 2003

Totally stable, never had a problem, and it is clear without all the useless bells and whistles they put on later versions.

I now use WinXP Home which came with a new PC. Frankly, I don't like it. It is far too cluttered, several additions to the file path in Windows Explorer which are totally uneccessary and the basic fonts are far too small. I don't like the way the files continually default to icons from the detail view which I prefer. It does seem impossible to customise it to way I like, apart from selecting WINDOWS CLASSIC as the view. With 98SE, the file path in Explorer is always extended, but in XP it collapses every time the window is closed.

My view is that MS would have done a better job to further simply the OS to make it more user-friendly, instead they have complicated it to the extent that it is a real pain.

I am aware that many welcome XP as more stable but, never having had a stability problem, it is no bonus to me. Of course, if you don't tinker with the OS, and don't continually load/download dubious programs, instability is less likely to be an issue.

PS What's a "blue screen of death"?

  Irishman 23:47 11 Aug 2003

A nightmare!

Try this site for good info about configuring XP

click here

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