Original Operating Software with new pc purchase

  GrayOne 19:01 11 Nov 2003

I'm considering a new pc purchase. According to PCWorld the operating software is now copied/installed on a 'tucked away'partion of the hard drive and they don't supply the software on cd. Is this general practice now? If there's a hard drive failure out of warranty that means you have to buy windowsXXX as well as new hard drive. Seems a bit cheap. Surely a setup cd wouldn't be too much to ask?
Apologies if this is old hat.

  spuds 19:08 11 Nov 2003

Afraid this is becoming more of the norm nowadays.When you see something like XP Home installed,always check to see, if any cd's are supplied at point of sale.Should add though, that some companies/manufacturers will still supply you with a full programme,usually oem.

  Bapou 22:35 11 Nov 2003

It's a much argued issue, an optional buy with many manufacturers is a Restore disc, £60 in my case. Didn't buy, Drive Image for £40 was the better option, this will image and restore the full contents as against a Restore disc's out-of-box condition.

  wee eddie 00:33 12 Nov 2003

If your HDD fails in the period covered. They provide a new HDD with all the necessary software already loaded on it.

If you haven't taken out the 3/5 Year Plan - Tough!

Not only do you have to buy a new HDD but also a copy of Windows - at least you should only have to pay the OEM price.

  alcudia 11:18 12 Nov 2003

Just happened to me.

Advent PC from PCW two years old. Hard drive failed and no extended warranty.

Installed new 120gb drive without any problem, set up and formatted in no time. But when I tried to use the recovery disc I was supplied with (WinMe) it turned out to be of no use at all.

If I hadn't had the forsight to hold on to my old Win98 disc I would have well and truly stuffed. I had also acquired an XP Pro upgrade disc. Without the Win98 cd this would have been useless as well, and I would probably have had to buy a full version, and not be able to recover the cost of the upgrade.

Conclusion. If you change anything on your PC, graphics or sound card, hard drive etc. etc. these discs are a waste of time. It's about time the industry accepted this and they were banned outright. I would far rather pay an extra £100 or so for a PC and get a proper Windows CD instead of this rubbish.

This is a good idea.

When I had finished installing the drive and XP I partitioned it, installed Drive Image and put a copy on the partition. Hopefully that will fix it for the life of the machine.

  GrayOne 19:33 12 Nov 2003

Thanks for the advice/information - it really is buyer beware out there.

  961 19:41 12 Nov 2003

try click here

I think they may provide you with a proper Windows disk

  Poweroid 12:37 13 Nov 2003

961, thank you. Yes, we do indeed provide a copy of the full Windows CD with any purchase. That is supplied as standard and with no extra charge.

  alcudia 14:49 13 Nov 2003

Good for you. I have made a note of your name and the link. When this Advent breathes it's last I shall certainly have a look at what you've got.

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