ordering a pc with Dell

  agrb 16:07 15 Dec 2004

has anyone done this lately? Iordered a new desktop yesterday but the email to enable me to confirm the order ddidnt arrive. So I telephoned today and talk about Caseys Court! I had a grand tour of the Indian Sub Continent and was left just hanging on. I just hung up because I seriosly doubt the want my order.Their systems are appalling compared to Evesham who I normally deal with.Why o Why cant these companies have a phone no where you can speak to a real live person.If my experience is anything to go by then they must lose a lot of business

  david.h 16:33 15 Dec 2004

I bought a dell tft monitor via another company.
monitor was excellent. i emailed dell several times re cleaning the screen never got a reply. phone service was left hanging on for an age before hanging up.

good gear - dreadful aftersales

  JIM 20:45 15 Dec 2004

you say,

"Their systems are appalling compared to Evesham"

If in your eyes,your above quote is right,why then did you order the Dell system in the first place?

I believe you to be wrong and i do not have a Dell system.I must be missing your point eh!

  fitcher 21:10 15 Dec 2004

is it true the call service goes to india . I was thinking of a dell laptop , that has put me off

  Diodorus Siculus 22:06 15 Dec 2004

fitcher - what does it matter where the service call centre is based?

  It's Me 22:15 15 Dec 2004

I, for one, cannot understand anyone speaking to me from India, I even have problems when I finish up speaking to someone in Ireland, and some of the Scottish accents are so thick as to be unintellageable. Why anyone has to ask if it matters where the service call centre is is beyond me.

Wasn't it Dell that had to reinstigate its American call centre for the Yanks after they protested so much.

  boy_from_the_blackstuff 22:22 15 Dec 2004

It's me - perhaps you would explain what exactly "unintellageable" means? You might have problems understanding a Scottish accent - they might have problems understanding your English!!!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 22:47 15 Dec 2004

'is it true the call service goes to india . I was thinking of a dell laptop , that has put me off'...it heartens me to realise that insularism and open minds are alive and well in Surbiton. /eyes raise Better not buy a car then, not too many UK owned makes to choose from.


  douglas1973 23:47 15 Dec 2004

Have you noticed that frequently you cannot find the model of computer (recently)advertised in the press and that anything equivalent is far more expensive?
The system for ordering a bespoke computer is also pretty appaling. One would think that a company such as Dell could design a better ordering system.

  spuds 23:51 15 Dec 2004

Recently there was a post on the PCA forum regarding Dell printers selling for £9.99. I placed an order on the internet, and less than a week later it was delivered to my door.Now that's what I call service and a bargain to boot.

  Forum Editor 00:31 16 Dec 2004

to say that you're deterred from buying a computer from the world's largest manufacturer because the company has a call centre in India, but everyone's entitled to their own set of criteria for choosing a computer I suppose.

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