Ordered My Mesh

  [DELETED] 00:26 30 Aug 2003

ordered my mesh matrix 2600+ sfx today AGAIN. first time i was refused credit cos hey, im only 19 :s.

fingers crossed

  [DELETED] 01:56 30 Aug 2003

Ive had that system for two weeks now, well pleased.

  [DELETED] 12:25 30 Aug 2003

Despite what you might read on here they are very good computers and you will be well pleased when it arrives.

Just hope that you never have the need to deal with their helpline as this is one area that lets the company down slightly though they do get things sorted eventually.

  [DELETED] 13:14 30 Aug 2003

Very good computers 3 years and no prob's
good luck.

  [DELETED] 15:21 30 Aug 2003

they must be good to be top of the superbudget list

thought id keep the progress of my order on here for the world to witness

2 weeks is about the usual wait isnt it?


  [DELETED] 17:04 30 Aug 2003

Pleased to hear about your new system. Looks good value, hope the days pass quick for you until delivery. Have fun with your new PC.j.

  Stuartli 20:49 30 Aug 2003

I'm just about to order the 2400 version for an elderly friend - told delivery time for all orders is two-and-a-half weeks.....:-)

  [DELETED] 22:09 30 Aug 2003

I took delivery of my new Mesh PC (my second one) 2 weeks ago, exactly on the date specified and am very pleased with it. From ordering (via the web site) to delivery was 2 weeks.

  [DELETED] 01:12 31 Aug 2003

I don't really see what the point of this thread is about. What is an online diary about someone ordering a computer going to acheive? Hundreds of PC's are bought everyday. What is so special about this case?

  [DELETED] 01:19 31 Aug 2003

By starting this online diary, I assume you think that something was going to go wrong. Why would you purchase a pc from them if you did?

Yes, Mesh have had some negative feedback, but thats no excuse to start a diary about them.

You understand what I'm saying? Its as if your watching mesh with a microscope to see if they faulter. This is not right.

Give them a chance and right back if you run into problems. Mesh would have gone bust if they were that bad.

If I didn't get you right, i'm sorry. This is how I interpret these kinds of threads.

  [DELETED] 15:10 31 Aug 2003

i can see where ur coming from soy

i have not once put down mesh, although looking at this forum others have

purpose of this thread is to hopefully prove them wrong

plus i can count the days to my gleaming speedy pc arriving on my doorstep :)

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