Orange - What can I do?

  STREETWORK 15:43 29 Nov 2009

I have been on Orange broadband for ages and since August only get up to .87mbps download speed, this can drop so low that the livebox disconnects. Before this I got up to 3.5mbps download on a service which offers up to 8mbps. I have called the so called techies at Orange and been escalated 3 times, also speaking directly to Eric (a possible manager) who has assured me that the connection would be sorted out and they would call me. This was 2 weeks ago and still no improvement.

So far:

1. Over 10 calls to Orange
2. No calls back
3. No improvement in speed
4. I know the line has been restricted to 1mbps

Anyone got any ideas what to try next???

  Woolwell 16:01 29 Nov 2009

Have you done a broadband speed test? Is it possible that your line has suffered degradation recently?
Are you bound into a contract?
If not ask for your mac code and choose another broadband provider.

  iscanut 16:20 29 Nov 2009

If you can, change ISP ASP !!!

  RobCharles1981 17:14 29 Nov 2009


Post Your Line Stats from your Livebox -

There is a page within the router GUI that displays the line stats. Click the link below.

click here

Click on the "Access to the configuration pages" link, then choose System Information from the menu on the left.

If you are prompted to login, the username is admin and the password is admin.

Post Back to whats avialble to you at your exhange:

click here

  STREETWORK 18:27 29 Nov 2009

hi RobTheOrganGuru.

This is what is displayed.

ADSL firmware version : A2pBT009c1.d17d
Connection mode : ADSL2
Type : Fast
Noise margin (dB) : 24.6
Attenuation (dB) : 42.5
Attainable download rate (kbps) : 3161
ADSL status : Connected [0]

Downstream Upstream
Rate (kbps) 1021 285

  STREETWORK 18:28 29 Nov 2009

The following services are available in your location:

BT Wholesale ADSL
BT Wholesale ADSL Max
O2 / Be LLU
TalkTalk (CPW) LLU
Tiscali LLU
Orange LLU (Formerly Wanadoo)

  morddwyd 18:49 29 Nov 2009

Orange promised me 8 meg and never even got it up to 1.

As soon as my contract ran out I migrated.

It is perhaps significant that they made no attempt/offer to persuade me to stay.

  RobCharles1981 20:34 29 Nov 2009

O2 / Be LLU

02 - Without a doubt as far as I know the best provider on LLU

You will do well here you should see 11-12meg with your line.

  Orange Response 09:40 03 Dec 2009


I am sorry you are having issues with your connection. I work for Orange and may be able to help.

If you can email your landline number/broadband account number and best contact number to [email protected], I'll give you a ring to discuss.

So I can pick up your mail quickly, please add 'Jonathan Orange Response' in the first line.

Hope this helps

Orange Response Team

  wee eddie 09:51 03 Dec 2009

I hope that this has a satisfactory conclusion.

  STREETWORK 07:10 05 Dec 2009


sorry to inform you that I have been there, done that, and no telephone call or email response from orange at all. Perhaps you can check the emails at your end.

Perhaps you can email me direct with your own number and I will call you. My last call (of several) to orange served only to be placed in a queue for over 20 mins and then having to expalin all the problems again to an inept technical lady who passed me onto her manager. Ther manager I was passed onto was not in fact a manager, just another person with limited skills in solving a problem. This may all sound like a moan but I am paying good money for a weak service where i used to get 3.5-4mbps now only struggles with .23 - .75 mbps. This due to Orange limiting the line to 1mbps and BT telling me it should get more.

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