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  Teaboy 17:44 12 Jul 2008

Hello forum, I'm considering upgrading my Orange broadband package from 2MB broadband to their Home Select 8MB live box package. Any comments from experienced users of the Home Select package will be greatly appreciated. Above all else, Is the package reliable?(Which is more than the 2MB is)

I'm also puzzled as to why a second land line!

Thanking all,


  laurie53 19:30 12 Jul 2008

Upgraded some months ago, but can't tell you how reliable is, since I still haven't achieved even half of the 2meg speed of my original package (997 the fastest I've ever got)!

My advice? Forget it and move to a decent ISP.

  Teaboy 17:12 13 Jul 2008


thanks for the response. I'll leave it a little longer, but I suspect your disapointment may be common, and that would not suprise me.

It bothers me that to accept the deal ties one down for another 18 months contract.

  Why wont it work 17:45 13 Jul 2008

I've just moved from an Orange 8mb pack to Be Unlimted 24mb. I moved because the service was getting slower and less reliable. I was only getting 3-4mb despite being only 1km from the exchange. In the Wanadoo days it was fantastic, but when Orange took over it went down hill I'm afraid. I had the Wanadoo live box (I guess the orange one is just a rebranded version) and it wasn't particulary good.

  ventanas 21:57 13 Jul 2008

I've used a Livebox
(still Wanadoo) for some time, and this probably the kiss of death, but I've rarely had a problem, the connection is fast and reliable, and really I've no complaints.

  darrenrichie 12:30 14 Jul 2008

I have been with Wanadoo/Orange for several years. I have never had a problem and they have been very accomadating if I ask for my MAC code and tell them I want to move on (I have doen this on 2 occassions). I currently have 8meg for £5.99 per month with the first 6 months free on a 12 month contract all because I asked for my MAC code. Worth seeing if you can get a better deal without actually signing up to a different package.
My connection is always 6meg (on speed tests) or so but when I download using FlashGot on Firefox it is always 8meg or over.

  AWARD2001 13:24 14 Jul 2008

After months of problems with Orange broadband, usually after "upgrade" works were carried out, I cancelled and moved to Be - no problems since - also cheaper and faster. Orange customer service is utterly appalling. I'd shop around for a better deal.

  Teaboy 16:53 14 Jul 2008

Thanks to everyone who responded. Some good some bad. Like AWARD2001 I have been with these companies going back to freeserve. Like his experience I have had similar problems whenever I upgraded the service. Ithink I will bite the nettle and switch. Thank you for your help

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