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  John-259217 17:11 22 Jul 2003

Does anyone else out there use GPRS mobile data services with a computer?

If your service is with Orange, have you experienced any problems with the amounts billed lately?

As you may have guessed, I do and I have!

In brief, the charges for additional Mb usage have been wrongly calculated on my last three monthly bills, and we`re not talking pennies here!!!

For the third time running, I`ve been promised a resolution to this and a credit to my next bill. In the mean time I still have to pay the overcharge on my current bill on top of the amounts overpaid on the last two.

As you can imagine I`m a tad upset at the moment!

I suspect I maybe in a minority of one as far as heavy use of mobile data is concerned, but if anybody has anything to say I`d be interested to hear your points of view.

I`ll give further details/amounts involved if anyone wants to know.

  John-259217 01:57 24 Jul 2003

Looks like I am the only one then! :o)

Ah well never mine I`ll bump this up again just in case.

While I dont have a problem with the GPRS charges being billed correctly, I have a major problem with my handset - the Orange SPV - and trying to get it resolved is a nightmare!

The problem(s) -

1. Someone leaves a message on voice mail and an Icon appears on the screen, will not dissapear after deleting message and this happens EVERY TIME. Solution (according to Orange) Phone my own mobile for a landline (at my expense) and leave myself a message. Then call voice mail from handset (more expense)and delete message. Do this as many times as is necessary to delete message Icon (Oh, right. Thats OK then)

2. Kepad locked and go out of network coverage (into a tunnel, underground car park etc) phone will not return to the network when you are back in range and will stay offline untill you reboot the damn thing. Orange have been in touch with the manufacturers and say that it is a (Quote) "Feature" of the the phone.

Customer services dont want to know and I have been passed from pillar to post so many times and promised call backs that never materialise that I am totally fed up.
Orange? ummm, not next time methinks!!!

  John-259217 22:55 24 Jul 2003

Thanks for your reply, - your last paragraph says it all really. Just what I`ve had over the last two months.

Just so you feel better about being asked to pay for calls to and from your phone just to erase the message icon here`s what they`ve hit me with:-

I have a GPRS package which should be billed at £1.00 per Mb over the last three bills they`ve charged at £3.00 per Mb.

Despite admitting to the error, they still expect me to pay the bills until they can recalculate the charges and raise a credit against an invoice.

By my rough calculation they have about £800.00 of mine so far !!!

  John-259217 19:30 22 Aug 2003

At last!

A credit invoice arrived today showing a refund (including VAT) of just over £836.

(I`ll repeat that in case you think I made a mistake EIGHT HUNDRED and THIRTY SIX pounds).

Of course it`s just credited against my future bills and has been adding up since May so Orange have done well out of me this summer.

No absolute explanation for the error has been made but I`ve been promised it`s now sorted out and the data usage will be charged correctly.

Having now made countless calls to customer services I don`t point any blame in their direction - I feel their hands are tied by the procedures they have to follow when dealing with a problem.

In my case all they could do was send an e-mail to a mysterious department, spoken of in hushed tones and known as "billing integrity". The all powerful elves at work here would apparently find the solution then e-mail customer services who would then contact me. I`m reminded of a Dilbert episode where he descends to a fiery hell in the basement staffed by odd creatures going by the name of the accounts department!

Is it just me or can anyone else see the potential difficulties in effective customer problem solving arising from this arrangement?

(In case anyone thinks I may be at fault in some way I have had an Orange account since 1995 and never missed a payment).

Oh well I`ll tick this as resolved, Smiffy99 I hope yours is too as I may have missed any posts you made.


  helmetshine 21:01 22 Aug 2003

I had a problem with my first months bill...they hadn't activated the gprs special offer (they had in fact activated on the date of the first bill) so i had an extra £30 charge.when i called was told no way to change the bill but would be credited next month.It was credited as well so i was sorted out immediately really.Just posting this to show that they aren't always that slow and fixing things...maybe i was lucky ,i don't know
I had that prob a few times..what i do now is after deleting the message,instead of hanging up i listen to the menu again...go to deleted messages,listen to it again and then delete it from there as well.Not ideal i know but it seems to work for me as i have not had that prob since i started doing it that way.Maybe it'll help your prob as well

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