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  ladybabe2 20:37 23 Jan 2007

On the 9th of jan my partners broadband went down he's with orange, what followed has been a nightmare, first he was told that the fault lay with Bt so he had the line checked out 3 times, (his sister works for BT so this was done thoughly) then they said they were working on it and would be repaired in 3/5 days when this didn't happen, he phoned again (call centre india) to be told the fault was rectified and the issue closed!!! he informed them that he still did not have broadband and was told yet again to check that the line was ok, another phone call and was told that it would be fixed in 3/5 days, 2 wks later still no broadband, still being passed from piller to post with no one taking responsibilty for the lack of action in getting the system up and running he has tried to get to talk to someone senior within the Orange group, not a chance all he gets is phone customer care and guess where he ends up again! yep india, so does anyone have the name of any of the directors of orange where a proper complaint can be made, oh and he has been a orange mobile customer for 7yrs what a wonderful way to treat loyal customers!!!! so anyone thinking orange forget it the service is appalling....
Gail marie

  greenlamp 00:02 24 Jan 2007

If "The future is orange" then it's time to get out the blanket and damp wood for smoke signals.

As you can guess I've had a simular experience. Following a planned upgrade [approx. 1/2 hour downtime according to the email] my line was down for 6 days, as individuals most of the people I spoke to seemed to be trying to be helpful [the last one was reading from the what do you expect me to do about it script, well it was Sunday afternoon] but there seemed to br no cohesion between different departments. Come back Freeserve/Wanadoo all is forgiven.

  SURVEY 11:28 24 Jan 2007

I experienced exactly the same scenario some months ago. What really annoys me is the complete lack of ability to speak to anyone with any knowledge at all at Orange. They must have a script of excuses and try them one by one just to get you off the line (whilst still taking their monthly fee!).

Try finding how to email them on their website - spend ages before you actually find the email address and then you find that they do not respond because they 'prefer phone calls as emails just pile up'.

My 12 month contract with Orange is just coming to an end and I note that instead of the £17.99 a month the cost has now dropped to £14.99 due no doubt to competition. I am really unsure what to do as I wish to retain my email address (despite it having to be so long-winded with [email protected]serve (or orange)

I 'look after' several computers for people in our village and do find that most of the ISP providers are similar in attitude to their customers. Customer care and customer service - they appear to be things of the past as far as ISP's are concerned.

As greenlamp said bring back freeserve/Wanadoo; much better service.

  Aargh 11:56 24 Jan 2007


Switch ISP and you will find most will let you carry on using your existing mail address. If you use Outlook or OE, its a simple case of entering the correct POP & SMTP server details.

  SURVEY 12:40 24 Jan 2007

Aarh - Thanks for this. I was not aware that email addresses can be carried over. However it still leaves the issue of which ISP to migrate to! Perhaps better the devil you know?

  ladybabe2 20:14 24 Jan 2007

Actually went into a orange shop and have to say they were helpful, tried phoning the centre after about 15mins of being passed around he got very assertive and insisted on speaking to a manager who then took all the details and the manager then phoned my partner, guess what he said its in the system but it will be at least 3/5 working days!!!! the same script again!!!! arn't braodband providers wonderful!!!!!
just on another tangent about providers I am with tiscali have been for 4 yrs and everytime the price came down l had to phone to get mine reduced,now my modem is a bit old and slow so I phoned and asked if they would upgrade it, oh yes at a price, so I have now cancelled my contract with them, they are willing to supply new customers the latest in modems ect but not loyal customers!!! even when cancelling I still wasn't offered an upgrade, so going to new provider who will provide free of charge all that I need, would love to hear about other peoples experiences with broadband providers.
thank you xxxx

  Totally-braindead 20:20 24 Jan 2007

Sadly I think almost all the BB providers now have call centres based in India. I'm with Tiscali and have only had to use the support once thank god. People reading scripts not listening to what you've actually said etc etc.
I ended up going elsewhere after about 2 hopeless weeks and tried to sort it myself. Eventually succeeded but it did take almost 2 full days of my time.
The next time I have to call Tiscali for anything if the service I get is the same I will be leaving and trying someone else.
Hopefully they are not all the same. Fingers crossed.

  terryf 20:24 24 Jan 2007

I am glad to say my ISP has offices and a call centre in Exeter - Eclipse

  ventanas 21:36 24 Jan 2007

I've had a few issues with them, but have found that if you persevere eventually you get someone with some degree of intelligence. A problem getting onto some sites last year took four calls to sort, with four different solutions. Obviously it was the last call when the chap correctly diagnosed a problem with the Livebox security. Fixed in seconds.
Lately I decided to take out a mobile contract with them and take advantage of their free broadband. No-one told me that if I did this I would be downgraded to their basic level and would lose the livebox, a situation absolutely useless to me. I was also told that if I did not return the livebox I would have an extra £100 taken from my account. Of course I immediately blocked the direct debit at my bank.
I discovered that I could actually upgrade to their unlimited broadband for an additional £5 a month, and keep the livebox. Could they do this for me - have a guess. Every time I tried, and it was many, I was told there was a problem which would be fixed in a couple of days. This was a joke of course, it was never fixed because nobidy bothered.
Eventually I received a bill for my mobile. I now had an account number and could upgrade on line, which I did, following up with another phone call. They begrudgingly told me that the upgrade had gone through, but there was a problem that had to be sorted out. I didn't say that I already knew this, and then followed what I gathered to be a lot of form filling their end until I was finally told that all was now ok, I could keep the livebox, and was now on unlimited BB, which proved to be the case.
So all it boiled down to was that the lazy little devils could not be bothered to do the paperwork to upgrade me. If I had not presented with a situation where they had no choice I think I would still be arguing with them. But I doubt if any other ISP would be any better.
I'm beginning to wonder if all these offers are now past bothering with. I would willing pay £50 a month if it worked. A freebie that is useless is not worth having.

  STREETWORK 21:59 24 Jan 2007

My first call to orange was hopeless after trying to set up the livebox with the nice Indian lady telling me to reinstall windows xp. I then called them again half hour later and this time spoke to someone I could actually understand. He said that what I had been told to do was rubbish, confidence is booming eh.

He then sorted my problem telling me my Ethernet card was causing the problem and I then put in my spare one and walla, broadband.

Problem with call centres is that they follow a script to try and sort out the issue, rather than understanding the problem, they are not techies at all.

I have now undertaken the task of learning all there is to know about networking via the internet and help people that I know in my area free of charge (well cup of tea at least).

There are the usual problems, not plugged in, did not press the correct button, trying to use a wireless card which is disabled or not installing the drivers properly, etc...

Orange do reply to emails, but you have to use the words 'or I will cancel my subscription through the lack of contractual support'. This can produce the goods...

  ladybabe2 15:29 26 Jan 2007

A big thank you to all who responded, for what I need I have gone with sky. have to say the service that I have received from them as regards my tv has always been good, the call centre staff are helpful although sometimes struggle with the broad scottish accent lol they have even provided me with a new sky digibox as mine is now 9yrs old all free of charge the £26 surf, watch and phone is ideal for me, happily recommend them.
gail xxxxxxxx

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