Opinions on Plusnet or other 'good' deals?.

  spuds 12:35 06 Dec 2015

Having had a whole mass of problems with the ISP I use, and these seem to be getting worse by the day. I am now seriously considering going to another ISP, and Plusnet seems to tick most boxes.

While Plusnet is part of the BT organisation, I realise that it is run as an independent company, but I would assume customer service would be that little better, when or if problems happen?.

So question: Do you use Plusnet or any other ISP that you would recommend. At present,this is a package I am looking at, but the offer is due to finish shortly click here

  HondaMan 10:59 07 Dec 2015

I have been with PlusNet for coming on for 10 years. I have had to call customer services once and the problem was resolved within 24 hours. The problem lay with BT exchange services.

I cannot recommend them highly enough and having just done a speed-test, find that I am downloading at 68.41 mbps. You may be able to get cheaper, but you would do very well to better their service

  caccy 16:30 07 Dec 2015

Been with Plusnet for many years >7 (broadband & phone). Contacted customer services no more than 4 times over the years always had excellent service from them.

  rickf 16:49 07 Dec 2015

Have been with PLusnet for about 10 years, a record perhaps, and have always had excellent service from them.

  exdragon 17:08 07 Dec 2015

At the last contract renewal date, I found (by chance) someone offering BB for something like £2 a month. No hesitation - the advisor asked me to send the link and matched the price without question.

  spuds 11:21 08 Dec 2015

Thanks everyone. Quite a bit of food for thought to think about.

With regards to my own problem, speeds seem to have stabilised a little,but still had a couple or more disconnections.

I think the way forward for me now, is to see how things go on, until after Christmas,then make a final decision regarding moving ISP's.

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