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  c_man 09:58 26 Jan 2011

I was about to buy the Titan Krypt PC from over clockers (click here)

When I came across this model click here=

Sandy bridge does sound impressive from what I've read, I'd be really keen to get some thoughts on the Primo Pterosaur or if there are better value PCs out there? I've tried to read myself into PCs but theres alot there and so I could really do with some advice,

Many Thanks

  gengiscant 10:47 26 Jan 2011

I notice on both these PC's you need to add an operating system and graphics card. these two items can ramp up the overall price of the PC.

Would be helpful if you could tell us your overall budget, what you will be using your PC for,whether you are a gamer or not?

  c_man 10:56 26 Jan 2011

Yes sorry should have said,
My budget is around £600-£650 incl VAT with windows home premium but I would quite like to get a new monitor if I can. The computer needs to be able to edit videos and music and handle games, but nothing too intensive. Generally I play Sims 4, Fifa, that kind of thing.

Thanks for your reply,

  gengiscant 11:00 26 Jan 2011

I assume thats Windows 7 home premium.

  c_man 11:07 26 Jan 2011

I also just noticed click here
seems like a cheaper deal than the krypt

  gengiscant 11:17 26 Jan 2011

The PC from Mesh If you add the HD 5670 graphics card should be fine for your needs and brings the total to £447 and if you add the 22" Ilyama monitor that will make the total £603.
Of course you will have to pay delivery then theres a keyboard and mouse and speakers.

  HondaMan 11:53 26 Jan 2011

Before all the anti-Mesh brigade jump up and down, let me say I've had a Mesh for just over 1 year, and it performs perfectly. It has been upgraded a couple of times, new and bigger HDDs, it originally had 3TB in two 1.5TB drives, now it has 6.5TB, more ram, it only had 8GB. Mesh operate an "opoen case" policy so you are free to dabble inside if you wish and the warranty remains intact except for breakages/damage caused by you.

  c_man 13:07 26 Jan 2011

Ye I've had a few people recommend mesh. It is a good value PC but I can't help but wonder if geting the sandy bridge for the extra £100 would save me hassle and money logn term?

  HondaMan 14:32 26 Jan 2011

If buying from Overclockers, look at this thread, you can search for "Mesh" and other manufacturers and I would suggest that in all cases there will be horror stories and praises in about a 10:1 ratio.

At the end of the day, "you pays your money ....". Yes, well enough of that. But seriously, it is your choice, we can only talk from our own experiences, you may be particularly (un)lucky. If you need ultimate power then £600 is not going to get it, so, buy something from a reputable dealer which is not at the cutting edge of technology with a view to upgrading at a later stage.

  GaT7 14:59 26 Jan 2011

Another way to choose who to buy from is to look at who received good ratings at the Computer Reliability and Service 2010 Awards click here.

I've recommended Overclockers in the past, but I've also heard some horror stories about them like Mesh. Some companies are very good at selling & delivering, but appear to abandon after sales & technical support when something goes wrong. G

  c_man 15:26 26 Jan 2011

Ye thanks for all your advice,
Having a good company is important especially if you don't have the knowledge like i don't.
I may just stick with overclockets and the athlon after all...

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