heine otto 13:26 30 Mar 2006

New computer came with Microsoft Works. Am planning to download OpenOffice 2.0 to replace it. Before I do, has anybody got any experience of OpenOffice, and if so any opinions for or against?


  ade.h 13:56 30 Mar 2006

It can run a bit slow, as it did when I tried it a while back. I quickly returned to Office 2000, although I have also tried a free trial of Ability Office, which was excellent. If I had not had Office 2K, I would have stumped up the measly £30 (approximately; you can fine tune which bits you want and the price varies accordingly) without hesitation.

  ade.h 13:58 30 Mar 2006
  J B 14:04 30 Mar 2006

Got a question, will Ability Office show a Power Point Slide Show if you are sent one via email or do you have to download Power Point Viewer? J.B.

  [email protected] 18:31 30 Mar 2006

I recently started using Open Office and find it great.

I would definatly recommend trying it before deciding on another package - afterall it won't cost you anything.

  ade.h 19:30 30 Mar 2006

Your question is answered on the Ability site. click here

  J B 19:45 30 Mar 2006

thanks for the information, question answered. J.B.

  heine otto 11:42 02 Apr 2006

thanks for replies - am currently downloading openoffice. Like [email protected] says - if I don't like it I can always uninstall without having lost out. Will have a play with it once downloaded.

  LastChip 14:20 02 Apr 2006

I've used Open Office quite a bit, both on Windows and Linux machines and I like it.

I didn't find it slow, although one could argue it takes longer to load initially than MS Office.

There are some features in it, that are better than the MS offering and for all basic needs, I see no reason to go out and buy the Microsoft product. You can save documents in the "Word" format, which enables them to be transmitted for viewing by others using Word.

Having said that, the database module (Open Office 2.0) is new and I have experienced some bugs in that, including corrupted files. If a database is important to you, at this stage of the game, you may still be better off with MS. I've no doubt that these bugs will be ironed out in the not too distant future, as with most open source products, fixes are fast and regular. If you allow it, the bugs are automatically transmitted back via a report to the programmers, who will the look at the errors, prioritise fixes and publish them accordingly.

All in all, a very competent program.

  alan227 16:10 02 Apr 2006

I too use Open Office 2 on Windows & Linux and find it just as good as Microsft Office.

  heine otto 13:56 03 Apr 2006

had a play yesterday, without doing anything substantial. Found it to load quick enough. Also managed to open an excel spreadsheet I had been sent, which I hadn't been able to open previously.
Think I will stick with Openoffice for now, and see how it goes.

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