A Open/ Gigabyte availability

  ambrosi 09:52 11 Mar 2003

Hi Guys

My project to build my own system has ground to a halt. I was due to start ordering the kit today, but am unable to due to a severe shortage of my preferred motherboards.

I’m looking to build a high end system using either the e7205 Intel Chipset or the 655 from SiS and my preferred makes of board would be Gigabyte or A Open. Their boards, of these specs, are all out of stock (nationwide, from what I can tell).

I’ve never tackled a project like this before, hence my ignorance to what is probably a well-known problem. I can understand, that with the 655 boards, availability may me limited as they are quite new, but most of the e7205 boards have been around since November/December.

I was wondering if anyone could advise me regarding the following:

1.Is supply of the e7205 chipset problematic?
2.Do A Open generally have a low supply/ high demand problem?
3. Is it worth me ordering from Dabs (for example) now, where the card is ‘overdue,’ or is it better to wait until it comes into stock?
4. Anyone got any ideas when this may be?

Thanks very much for your time. :o)


  rct 15:43 11 Mar 2003

Can answer point 3. for you: Order now, you'll be in the queue to get one then, dabs don't charge until the goods are dispatched and you are free to cancel any order without penalty before it enters the dispatch process, so if you find one while you are waiting there won't be a problem.

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