ontel, broadband bundle, ADSL on, but not yet live

  filterman 21:53 02 Aug 2004

Been with onetel for a few years - phone and unlimited dial up. Always prompt accurate bills and helpful service. Signed up to switch over to the £29.99 package of unlimited UK talk+Broadband. Go live of 29 July advised. On that day the Speedtouch 300 had a green flashing ADSL light, indicating no link. Lots of calls to helpdesk and juggling of leads/CD's/Phonepals etc; final advice - wait until we test line tomorrow. Following day - 30th July - we were told BT were a day late connecting! So two solid green lights on modem, but still could not get on-line as the password/username was not recognised. Further phonecall to helpdesk who could not understand it and passed us to "technical" who then admitted all new users were going on to a new "pipe" and this would take time (maybe BT were not a day late!). I demanded to know when we would "go live" - told it could be another 7 days and we would receive a letter with a new date. So far no letter and no reply or even acknowledgment to my e-mail sent on 30th July. Be careful and patient! if you are intending to sign up for this package. Anyone else suffering similar? How long does a new "pipe" take? Will advise if sorted quickly.

  james55 22:22 02 Aug 2004


I don't know if this will help, when I joined Wanadoo broadband the password/username was sorted before the connection. Wanadoo advised it would be up to ten days for a connection, I was lucky it took only 3 days. One flashing green meant no connection and two steady green lights meant you were connected. When they went steady I had no problem getting connected so I would suggest it is a problem with onetel and not your line.


  filterman 09:28 03 Aug 2004

Thanks, agree it is definetely onetel, have had two steady green lights since 30th July. Had username and password before the original "go live" date of 29th July. Even the helpdesk at onetel could not understand why we could not link in. It was only the "technical desk" who seemd to know that the new onetel pipe was not yet fully tested, so onetel must have known this limitation when they sent out the original letter with username and password - sloppy customer service!

Still waiting for info from onetel.

  filterman 08:34 06 Aug 2004

This final message comes via Broadband. Up and running as of this Friday morning 6/8. To be fair to onetel they gave a new live date of midnight 6/8 so have beaten that. They did eventually send an apologetic e-mail and phoned to advise of new live date and have not charged for the interim period.

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