Onspeed offer a refund

  Chellaman 12:49 06 Feb 2005

Along with much of the population of Spain, I only have a mobile phone, so my least expensive way of connecting to the internet is using a Vodafone Mobile Connect Card in a laptop. This is better than a conventional dial-up as it actually operates at 56.7 Kbps, but costs me per month the equivalent of 35 pounds for the first 120 Mb and .35 pence per Mb thereafter. Most months, I go well over the 120 !
So, you can imagine that it was manna from Heaven when I heard about ONSPEED. It would reduce my bills dramatically (by compression)! I bought it and installed it, but it would not work and produced various error messages. ONSPEED tried hard to solve the problem by giving an LSP fix and by suggesting a change to Firefox. Now they have offered a refund!!
Is there anyone out there more knowledgeable than them?
My system is:
Laptop with ample capacity.
Windows XP Home with SP1.
Internet Explorer.
Norton antivirus 2002.
Vodafone Mobile Connect Card.


  Terps 16:55 23 Mar 2005

Dump the Norton.

  pauldonovan 19:03 23 Mar 2005

... I know that Vodafone use compression on some of their mobile data products (that's why some of the images are 'poor' quality) so I suspect it is because you are trying to use basically 2 times the same technology. I know that isn't a very technical/precise response but with Vodafone you are not dealing with a 'normal' net connection like you would be if you were on a dial-up.

Have they (onspeed) ever had it work with Vodafone cards?

  Stuartli 15:59 24 Mar 2005

Take the refund.

  MGNM 16:35 24 Mar 2005

pauldonovan is right but you would think that Onspeed (if they knew Chellaman's true requirement) would have said so in the first place plus maybe the mobile phone people should have said.

Were all the facts known to the three parties initially I wonder????

Stuartli -- Take the refund, sounds about right :O)

  Chellaman 09:51 25 Mar 2005

Many thanks for those replies.
Firstly, Onspeed know all about my setup and gave me only one technical suggestion to try to resolve the problem.
Secondly, they include GPRS in their list of conquests, and boast up to 8x compression.
To be fair, it does work very briefly when first installed, but then the error messages come thick and fast, and it takes me a while to completely eradicate all traces of the program(and problem!).
The idea was to reduce the data transfer and so reduce what is quite a high cost. But I think I will take the easy way out and stick with what I have!
P.S. They obviously know about GPRS, but I don't know if they have specific experience of Vodafone Connect Card.

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