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  TOPCAT® 17:08 12 Apr 2004

if the FE will allow it I'd like to offer some advice when renewing car insurances. The same could apply to other types of insurance too. You see, the age of barter is not dead as some believe, and I quote a case in point.

My daughter recently received her renewal on one of their two cars from the "Quote me Happy" company (NU). The premium had risen quite substantially from the previous year. I must add here that both cars, her buildings insurance and contents - plus the dog's cover are with this company. Nevertheless, she remembered what her old Dad had taught her and she rang them up.

Remarking on the steep increase in premium she was told to hold the line. Very soon afterwards they came back to her with a £95 discount! So, it just goes to show that some gentle persuasion can often reap dividends. It is certainly worth a try. Just remember though that all the insurers share a computer database on insured vehicles, so they have all the details for that registration.

My father taught me from an early age to barter and I've had some great offers in the past. I hope you do too. :o) TC.

  Forum Editor 18:16 12 Apr 2004

and all the more welcome as I'm about to renew the insurance on one of our cars. Thanks TC.

  Sir Radfordin 18:33 12 Apr 2004

I've had quotes from different companies that vary by up to £1000!! Having a fair amount of time on my hands I just rang every company with an 0800 number in yellow pages and ended up ringing the same company twice. Only thing was it was a different phone number, different trading name and different advert. How did I know then it was the same company? I spoke to exactly the same person as I had before! Got them down by about £200 and they got my business...the young lady may have had something to do with it ;)

"Bartering" does still exisit in this company. Never accept the first price you are given - and that goes for a 'write-off' should you be unfortuante enough to have one.

  961 18:43 12 Apr 2004

It's always worth asking if there is haggle room.

And there always is.

If you can find the tickle spot

Ken Dodd taught me that

If you are working in a call centre with all the pressures involved don't you just relax in your chair when you hear a friendly voice ask "What's your haggle room?"

If the last 20 callers have been rude and all the rest, you'll hit the tickle spot every time

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