Online v Bricks and Mortar

  HXP 20:53 28 May 2011

I read the article about is it right to use brick and mortar shops to view a product and then buy online ? I was looking for a Samsung WB650 and called in to Jessops to have a look - it is £20 to £50 cheaper than on line AND jessops give you 150 free prints so I brought it there ant then, Nice camera with GPS built in x15 zoom. So is it wrong to research prices on line and then buy from a bricks and mortar shop ? For some reason I didn't feel as guilty. Search for the camera and you will find a big online retailer selling it for £180 vs Jessops £150 ( Gloucester Branch valid as of 28/05/2011.

I guess it really is a case of shop around and on line is not always the cheapest.


PS I have no affiliation connection or commercial interest in Jessops

  spuds 21:24 28 May 2011

Whats wrong with researching a product before you make a purchase. I do it all the time, whether its on-line or in a store.

Purchasing on-line and you are usually only left with what is on offer, going into a store and you may well have someone providing some very fair advice, and who might negotiate a better deal for you.

In fact I have even taken print-outs of on-line deals, and ask the store if they price-match. I have never yet had a refusal, because most places will price-match or give additional items to settle a deal. The main stumbling block I would assume, is that some people are very reluctant in asking, because they get rather embarrassed, or think that is not the done thing!.

  HXP 23:55 28 May 2011

Nothing wrong with bartering on price - I was rather reflecting on the point that the best deals are not always on line - it is an interesting ' flip ' to the article on the PC Advisor website

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