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  IClaudio 21:16 10 Jan 2010

Having bought stuff online from the likes of Amazon, EBuyer, Dabs, ASOS, Cotton Traders and so on for the last 15-odd years, I've become used to sending unwanted items back with no penalty.

For example, this Christmas I bought a couple of travel books as a present for someone who is doing the World Tour in a couple of months. It turned out that she already had these books, so I contacted the Amazon Return Department, who emailed me a Postage Paid label. Easy... and I ordered a couple of new books as a replacement. Everyone happy!

But... Abercrombie and Fitch.... oh dear!

My young grand-daughter, being very cool, had her heart set on a denim A+B hoody. Her auntie tried to order it online, but came unstuck, so I also ordered it. Both of them turned up (and both after Christmas...), so one would have to go back.

A+B's web site says 'it is our express intent to discourage returns...' hmmm. It does this by charging a $35 re-stocking fee, a %25 postage charge ('before even beginning the returns process we require that you pay the returns/exchanges shipping fee of 25$ and email us when you have paid the fee in order to get our returns address') and then... quote>' Plug the refund handling fees $10 (which charged by bank)will be deducted from your refund.'

So, deciphering the appalling English, this means that you have to cough up $70 before the returned article even gets in the post.

This kind of retailing beggars belief - needless to say, this is the first and last time I would contemplate buying from this company, whose clothes are shoddy (made in China) and whose web site is obscure and very badly designed.

  Kevscar1 21:39 10 Jan 2010

Are the UK based, if not you have no comeback I'm afraid.

  IClaudio 21:57 10 Jan 2010

Can't be bothered to return it, there are several birthdays coming up, so the top will find a home.

But I'll never buy A+F again....

  Paddylad 22:15 10 Jan 2010

Thanks for the heads up.

  IClaudio 22:54 10 Jan 2010

Good point, there was a lot of Chinese paperwork with the package (the postman said that they had delivered dozens of these late packages), and I had to work my way through lots of obscure web sites to place my order! So maybe A+F shouldn't be blamed...

I don't want to turn this thread into a Best/Worst Buy-fest...

But I went looking for a new undercounter fridge over the holiday week (fortnight?) and ended up in John Lewis drooling over a Bosch KTR18P20GB, quite the most innovative, but obvious, design I've seen (in short, the shelves of the fridge slide out for easy access...).

In Never Knowingly Undersold John Lewis, the price was £349. At, the price, including delivery and Recycling of old appliance was £302. Now that's what I call Service :)

  Forum Editor 22:59 10 Jan 2010

so I'll transfer it from Speakers Corner now.

  IClaudio 23:03 10 Jan 2010

The more I look at this, the more I think you're right... caveat emptor!

FE, sorry I thought the Consumerwatch was for computer-y stuff...

  morddwyd 07:08 11 Jan 2010

The key phrase here is "I've become used to sending unwanted items back"!

You have now come up against a retailer who does not see why they should have to pay the administrative costs caused by your double order.

It's unusual, but without the protection of the DSRs you're stuck!

  IClaudio 16:12 11 Jan 2010

I didn't mean that I send back every order <eyes raise>

I draw your attention to the 'without penalty' part of the phrase. I hardly ever send anything back (of course), but when I do, the trader gets my business who doesn't fine me for ordering the wrong thing.

As I explained in my original post (maybe not clearly enough), it seemed that the original order hadn't gone through, so I ordered it again. In this case I navigated through a lot of different A+F web sites before finding the item I wanted, and as fourm member points out, it seems likely that I have been taken in by a bogus site. Thankfully, I actually got a product, and another lucky person has a birthday present of a (maybe not genuine) A+F hoodie.

  Boots Appliances 17:45 14 Jan 2010


Thanks for the positive feedback - glad you are impressed with our competitive prices!

To be fair to John Lewis - their price match policy only applies to offline stores - I think they would go under otherwise!!

BTW - I love the Bosch fridge you are talking about - so simple but so clever. All fridge designs should follow this example.

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