Online Microsoft training - Any Recommendations?

  wyatt earp 19:51 23 Jan 2005

I am in the computer/networking industry and would like to study for MCSA on Windows 2003 server & networks.

Can anyone,from personal experience,recommend a good training provider. Preferably it should be online although i will consider centre based training.

Your thoughts are welcome.

  stalion 20:04 23 Jan 2005
  wyatt earp 20:12 23 Jan 2005

Thanks for that. Is this something you have or are studying for?
If so, how are you getting on?


  stalion 20:18 23 Jan 2005

no I am not personally studying but members on here were in the past year,so I saved the info possibly for future use. Perhaps someone will come forward with info for you who is or has studied a similar course.

  wyatt earp 19:25 24 Jan 2005


  stalion 21:51 24 Jan 2005

it would be ok to post this in the helpforum you may get a better response

  Urotsukidoji 10:26 25 Jan 2005

studying for my mcse at the moment (only another 4 modules to go :o| )

there are loads of resources out there, some better than others. I would recomend the self paced training kit from microsoft. for the 4 core modules - this includes an "evaluation version" of windows 2k3 server to play on, but it is time limited to 180 days (unless you know how to break the timebomb... ;o) )

the 4 books will set you back cica £70 depending on where you buy them. also would be worth getting the xp pro module book too.

further look at testking/ transdumpers etc as these have up to date questions on the modules which IMO help you prepare better for your exams than the questions asked in the books.

some basic advice for the exams are, when you read the questions and answers a big thing to look at is "what will microsoft look good?" type answers.

It may also be worth your while sitting the xp pro exam (70-290) and the managing and maintaining a windows server 2003 environment (70-270) at the same time (I did, and i was amazed just how similar the questions were)

the exams will set you back around £108 each but you do get a 15% discount voucher for each of the core subjects in the boxed set i mentioned earlier. the exams allow 140 minutes including a 20 minute setup session to log on read the microsoft t's & c's etc.

what else do you want to know?

  david.h 16:42 25 Jan 2005

I tried smartforce with 2000msce I was not that impressed. The support is in the usa was not very good, the irish office is where the sales work from they are ok & helpful but not the programme support in the usa was poor.

I went to night school with hands on work much better but not the ms qualificaions.

  wyatt earp 17:34 25 Jan 2005

Thanks for your detailed response.

Can you tell me the isbn (book numbers) of the MS books you mentioned at the start of your post?


  david.h 19:17 25 Jan 2005

get the local libary to order the books, then keep renewing them till study finished

  Urotsukidoji 09:18 26 Jan 2005

i can do better than that...


click here

its gone up a bit since i bought the core set, and its free delivery for orders over £5!

my books were ordered on a saturday and I got them on monday!!

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