Online banking log on problems

  Bald Eagle 22:39 28 Jul 2013

I've been a Yorkshire Bank online user for years now. Tonight when I used my "favorites" to launch the website I got a spurious site that says Ybonline with a capital y instead of the bank site. Tried to access via both a Bing and Google query, still got this wrong site. Tried to get a telephone number from search engines for Yorkshire bank. Everything gives this wrong site. It seems to be selling domain names. Checked my computer for security and viruses, all OK. Contacted daughter in UK and she gets same problem. Anyone any ideas? Could you check and see what you get? Is there any news anywhere highlighting Yorkshire Bank online problems?

  Forum Editor 22:54 28 Jul 2013

The correct site loads normally for me.

  Bald Eagle 22:55 28 Jul 2013

Well that's a surprise went Binging again and found a way of getting on to the official site! Saved the address to "favorites" and the link works! Went back to the "favorite" list and clicked on the original shortcut and after a quick "flash" of the spurious sites page it also accessed the correct site! Will phone the bank up tomorrow!

  Bald Eagle 22:56 28 Jul 2013

Thanks FE. It is nice to have a site like this! A true security blanket.

  spuds 00:27 29 Jul 2013

I had a recent problem with my bank (Barclays), which eventually caused a number of surprises.

First I put the 'usual' details into the browser, and was directed to an adult dating type website. After doing a number of checks, I was able to trace the fault back to the details I had used in the browser. A simple mistake (by me)regarding the deletion of a 'dot' between two words. Thinking this might be a security flaw,and a possible warning, I made an attempt to contact the bank's website security section, via the customer services by telephone,without much success. They would not provide details for a security check contact. In fact the customer services didn't seem all that interested or concerned, in me trying to report a possible security risk or problem?.

At the same time, I was also having problems of using Firefox on the bank's website. Apparently Barclays only recommend Internet Explorer for their website, and they do not support other browsers?.

  BT 08:27 29 Jul 2013

Apparently Barclays only recommend Internet Explorer for their website, and they do not support other browsers

I have used Google Chrome on Barclays Online Banking for many years, and recently experienced a slight problem after they revamped their site. The 'Make a payment' link would not work if you added it to your personal page. I phoned them about this and was told that they 'didn't recommend' using Google Chrome and that I should use IE. I subsequently found that if you used the 'Make a Payment' button instead it worked fine. So I still use Chrome as I find IE so infuriatingly slow.

  spuds 11:22 29 Jul 2013


And this is the point that I was trying to make. We are being constantly told about security, especially in banking. Yet the bank's or at least some of them are being more obstructive than helpful. Even trying to report instances or obtaining answers can be a issue in itself, because the banks either don't understand or do not want to understand. The customer is still secondary, or so it would seem?.

I was able to use other browsers with very little concern, but since Barclays did some 'improvements', things have certainly had noticeable issues.Especially in perhaps communications via Customer Services?.

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