online auctions for pc desktops?

  Bansaw 09:34 01 Dec 2007

Are there any other good online auctions other than Ebay that sell PC desktops?

I am just after a lowish spec pc desktop with WinXP so I can get my Mum on the web.


  Totally-braindead 09:44 01 Dec 2007

click here not auctions but worth a look and click here bear in mind many are base units so no monitor but if you look for a CRT monitor you can pick them up cheap.

Personally I'm not too keen on second hand PCs as you can get a brand new one with a monitor etc for £300.

Also worth considering click here

I think you're better asking about friends etc, some will be getting new PCs and will be looking for a home for their old one which might do you nicely and then you have some idea of how much use the PC has. A lot of the auction ones might be very hard used.

Good luck anyway.

  Bansaw 11:18 01 Dec 2007

Thanks for info!
I am looking at spending 45.00 pounds or so on a 2nd hand system, even 256Mb, 40Gb, WinXP SP2. >=1.7Mhz.........
Thats all I need.

  I am Spartacus 12:42 01 Dec 2007

Have a look at Speedie click here

  spuds 13:22 01 Dec 2007

£45.00 or so will perhaps provide something from your local newspaper, computer fair, auction house or recycling depot. If you were to purchase this from a non-local source, then it may well cost £20.00 in addition for delivery. Think also in terms that if it becomes faulty, then its not going to be feasible to repair, due to obsolescence.

I often visit liquidation and administration auction sales, and through this I have picked up many a cheap bargain in computer equipment, including full systems. One problem with this, make sure you fully understand the auction procedures before you bid, because it can lead to unexpected events = 20 heavy monitors for a fiver plus action fees and vat, because nobody wanted the bother of them :O)

  Bansaw 13:35 01 Dec 2007

Speedie are OK, but you're right about shipping: putting a shipping charge on really pushes the price above reasonable.
If I could find a local auction that would be great. I am in the North East of England near Newcastle.

With local computer fairs, boot sales etc, there's no way I can test the unit out on site and may end up paying 20 quid for something thats not working.:s

  Totally-braindead 13:36 01 Dec 2007

I think your best bet is local papers to be honest, if its local you can pop round and see it before parting with any cash and therefore avoid any carriage costs.

  spuds 14:53 01 Dec 2007

Just been on eBay, and I have found a company/person who are selling the type of computer system that you are looking for. All at £45 auction or £50 buy now with DHL delivery at £12.00. All in full working order and great condition.

If you want to check, try eBay item reference number 290187500951 for the link's.

  wee eddie 21:22 04 Oct 2010

I'd suggest a Netbook @ just a couple of hundred quid. Try Tesco if you have one handy.

Easy to use and neat to store away when not needed.

  961 10:20 05 Oct 2010

This is a thread from 2007

  Mr Mistoffelees 14:45 05 Oct 2010

Wee Eddie just had a really long think before posting!

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