Onetel. Moving to 2MB Broadband + Extra's

  trevpearson 21:50 08 May 2005

I made an enquiry about cancelling my 512k Broadband with Onetel, to move to a (dramatically) cheaper 2MB provider.

The return E-Mail informed me that Onetel are looking to provide a combined 2MB Broadband + free Evening and Weekend Telephone Calls for about £30 per month by the end of May.

Hmmm, I shall wait and see.


  Stuartli 16:48 09 May 2005

Perhaps you'd better read its website's broadband offers...:-)

click here

  JayDay 17:30 09 May 2005

Do OneTel charge to migrate to them? I can't find anything on their website about migration.

  trevpearson 19:48 09 May 2005

Hells teeth!! I'm behind the curve! Hmm I wonder why they haven't informed their existing customers of this yet.

Stuartli, thanks for the "heads up".


  trevpearson 20:23 13 May 2005

Hmmm, did the biz and was told 5 working days to migrate from 512k to 2mb.

Checked progress today and was told I'm scheduled to be connected on the 26th May. Now, by my reckoning thats 14 working days and not 5.
I was told that the uptake demand was so high that they were "struggling to cope".

I've agreed to stay with them, but.......I hope it's not a portent for the future.


  trevpearson 20:29 20 May 2005

An update.

My 512k connection vanished on Tuesday the 17th. On enquiring with Onetel the response was "you are being moved to 2mb today, all should work by 8:30 pm"

9:00 pm no connection.

18th 9:00 no connection. "Everything looks OK at our end" they say.

18th 8:30 pm no connection. No answer on Helpline.

19th 8:00 am no connection. "We'll pass it to the Test Team"

19th 8.00 pm no connection. "We'll put you back to 56k"

20th 8:00 am no connection (no 56k either) "We've sorted it, BT put you on the wrong Domain???"

20th 8:00 pm no connection. Enter Calum "Ah, you've been put on the wrong Domain by BT, be a couple of days to put it right. In the meantime, use this special Usercode and Password, and you should be OK until your's is configured correctly"

20th 8:02 pm CONNECTED Thanks Calum, you have saved the day (and my contract with Onetel)

OK, not all Onetel's fault, but, at last, a human who knows what he's talking about on a Helpline and does actually help.

I don't know if the Broadband companies read this type of Forum, but if they do, ring Calum at Onetel and learn his idea of what a Helpline should do.

ps There is a letter in the post to Calum's boss regarding Calum and his help and honesty. I don't supose you will read this, Calum, but my thanks. Job well done.

I only hope Onetel can live up to your standards.

  Stuartli 00:36 21 May 2005

My new broadband connection took 16 days to activate, probably because of the sheer weight of takeup after BT dropped its wholesale prices to ISPs and increased speeds at the same time.

The reward? Up to 2.4MB whilst, at the same time, paying for a 1MB service...:-)

Just keep it under your hat.

  Rocky Horror 12:24 20 Jun 2005

I wend from 512 to 2mb in 5 days and still at the same price. Fingers crossed!

  Rocky Horror 12:24 20 Jun 2005

Or even went!

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