Onetel broadband + phone

  deep-joy 18:05 09 Dec 2004

Anyone tried onetel broadband? We are considering the 512 package with phone included.



  josie mayhem 00:07 10 Dec 2004

Yes, that what I use.

I've used there phone service for a long time now, and found it to be very cheap.

And they were very quick, The day I recieved a comfirmation concerning what I had oredered, I recieved my modem, then about 2 days later I was sent activation details. I was up and running with in a week.

Over all, I'm very pleased.

  Stuartli 09:25 10 Dec 2004

I switched to One.Tel for phone calls about six weeks ago and, so far, am very satisfied with the StandardUKTalk service.

Even more pleasing was that I was initially provided with £20 credit for calls and still have £15 remaining - I reckon it will take another four or five months before I actually have to pay a phone bill to One.Tel...:-)

So I would be quite happy to seriously consider its broadband service if I ever decide to make the switch.


My other half, after I had printed off One.Tel's first phone calls statement, immediately queried why every call seemed to cost 48p?

I had to gently point out that this was 4.8p - the cost of the connection....

  Rocky Horror 14:48 17 Dec 2004

I have used the "unplugged" b/band plus UK phone calls @ £29.99 for some time and find it works and saves me money. Only slight downer is slow e:mail connection - so I stick with my other ISP who does webmail which I can access via Onetel at no cost

  deep-joy 18:12 17 Dec 2004

Rocky Horror

Thanks for the info. Are you happy with the speed, service etc. Anytimes its not been available?


  Alvis 21:02 17 Dec 2004

I've used Onetel for phone and dial-up since the time when it was an Oz company. However I found Bulldog better for broadband and phone package.
Their recent 4MB + all landline UK calls for £52 per month. 4Mb gives fantastic downloads. I watch live TV from Spain for example.
I also use Skype (click here)which gives absolutely free PC to PC calls anywhere and most European, US, Canada calls for about 1p per minute to landlines and NO call connection charge! Eg one minute to Spain (BT) appx 12p; Onetel 7p; Skype 1p. No brainer!

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