Is OnePlus One Remote Access Safe?

  squirty-nan 17:06 23 Nov 2014

I sent an email to OnePlus because my new One phone has stopped auto-rotating. I received a reply with instructions to download some files prior to contacting the sender for a remote access session to my computer. I have never had remote access help before from any source and am loathe to do it really, fearing a security threat. So, given that this request for remote access is in response to a query from myself, does anyone think I would be foolish to accept? Many thanks to anyone who can provide advice.

  spuds 18:50 23 Nov 2014

Because your device is new, I would suggest that you contact the retailer you purchased the item from, and ask their advice.

Remote access can have its good and bad, depending on how and where that service comes from. My ISP provides remote access, which I have used with success, but having said that, I was in control and understood what was happening.

I have just used Google to find a few things out about OnePlus and their device, including possible downloads etc. Might pay to have a quick look at Google!

  squirty-nan 15:17 24 Nov 2014

Thank you for the response Spuds. I bought the phone from OnePlus with an Invite so I asked them direct. I think I'll just put up with it for now and hope a future update will address the problem. Again, Thank You.

  Zak 18:28 24 Nov 2014

Have you had a look at the possible solutions on the One Plus One Forums. I put in a search under Screen Auto-Rotate and there are a number of threads, most of them going back to August 14, nothing recent.

Have you re-booted phone, turned off auto rotate settings and turned them back on, perhaps tick all degree options, some have found shaking the phone gets the auto rotate working. Finally are you on the latest CM 11S 44S Incremental update?

  squirty-nan 09:48 25 Nov 2014

Many thanks for your reply Zak. I started with your easiest suggestion and checked my CM version. I received an update a couple of weeks ago and it's 11.0-XNPH44S. I have now selected all the rotation options as you advised and Hey Presto! It seems to be ok now. I've never had the need to use Forums before (in all my 25 yrs of owning a PC and various other bits of Tech, since the Dark Ages lol) and tend to get a bit lost and afraid I might do the wrong thing and upset someone. But I will persevere and get to grips with it. But again, Thank You for your help, which seems to have solved my problem.

  Zak 15:15 25 Nov 2014

Glad it is sorted and thanks for your feedback.

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