Is One-Tel any good?

  exprog 18:27 28 Sep 2004

Soon to move away from Cable area. Am considering One-Tel for both phone and Broadband. Do not seem to be able to find it recommended in this forum. Do any members have experience of the ISP?. Any comments good or bad appreciated

  exprog 19:18 28 Sep 2004

Reason for going to One-Tel, is their package gives unlimited phone calls and unlimited 512k broadband for 29.99 per month. This seems cheap

  tonyx1302 21:04 28 Sep 2004

I have used One-Tel for over two years now and have found it to be an excellent service. I started off with their dial-up service and changed up to their 'always on' B/B and phone package 8 months ago which costs £29.99 per month to include telephone call costs except International etc. I got free connection and modem and excellent free set up help. No hesitation in recommending them.

If you need any more info, please come back


  exprog 22:03 28 Sep 2004

Thanks for the comments. I believe the cost is very good for both systems, and feel sure I will take it up when I move.

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