One of our forum members

  Forum Editor 23:00 10 Aug 2004

has had a rather distressing time with anonymous phone calls of late, and has asked me if I'll post this thread on her behalf. I'm happy to oblige.

Despite her number being ex-directory our forum member continued to get the calls and this culminated in her paying for the BT 'anonymous call reject' service. Imagine her surprise when shortly afterwards:

"....I was astonished to receive a call "number unavailable" and found it was one of these pre-recorded messages inviting me to phone back at a hidden charge of probably anything up to £5 per minute. I immediately phoned BT who were extremely helpful as always and gave me a phone number to register my phone number (free for 12months) to block these awful numbers getting through to my home telephone."

The number, in case anyone else is in the same boat is: 0870 4443969

  Bart of Darkness 00:20 11 Aug 2004

Curious that certain calls can get through the so-called 'anonymous call reject' (I've encountered this problem myself).

  BIG ben strikes 10 09:13 11 Aug 2004

if you go to argos you can buy a thing called call shield which is exellent becouse it dosn't exept withelds or un verified numbers it costs £20

  plsndrs3 09:42 11 Aug 2004

I have just moved & remain ex-directory. Within 2 days of moving in to my new home with a new number as I had moved counties, I received numerous calls like this. I guess that this shows the fact that the numbers are randomly generated, if nothing else. Thanks to this forum, I realised what they were & what would happen if I pressed the requested digit, so never did. All my family were also told what would happen and how much it would cost. Unfortunately, I did not know of the 0870 4443969 number and the calls stopped on their own after about 3 weeks. The calls were VERY annoying as, in my view, the only people who had the new contact number were family and at that time my daughters had 'issues' in London [160+ miles away]. Each time the phone rang I expected the call to be from them rather than a cold call by a computer that could potentially cost me ££££.

I will keep this number now in my postings in case I need it again.



  Smiler 20:20 11 Aug 2004

Here ids the link to call shield mentioned above

click here

  BIG ben strikes 10 15:04 12 Aug 2004

thanks smiler thats the one perhaps this will be of a use?.heres a little tale about the call shield.this is a true story.a freind of mine had a mum and a dads and this lady took his dad away from his mum.and his dad wen't off with her.after that they started to recieve calls from the lady who took is dad away and threatening ones.untill oneday looking through the argos catolouge my freinds mum saw the call sheild,fell in love with,raced out to argos bought it signed up and never recieved those calls again now they live miserably ever after without a dad.problem is though you can't call with a withheld or without call ID.

  cream. 20:05 12 Aug 2004

We also are ex directory and have caller display. We are also fed up of these withheld number calls.

Thanks F.E. for the number, just registered, it was quick and painless. ;-)

  Dorsai 20:37 12 Aug 2004

I just don't ever, ever answer the phone if the number is not displayed.

I have had the same mobile number for about 8 years. I never get junk calls or junk TXT's, cos i have never answered the first, and never TXT back the second.

My other half gets about 3 junk txt's a day, as she made the mistake of answereing one, once.

When i first got my land line i went Ex directory. I got a few 'number withheld' calls (how did they know the number, random dialers perhaps?). Never answered one. Now i get none, and i have only had the phone 2 month. I think the real thing is to never give out you number. when asked for a phone number give a mobile one. the cold caller companies dont want to call a mibile as it costs too much.

  james55 00:11 13 Aug 2004

I have been plagued with withheld numbers for at least two years, I have caller display and would never answer them. A few started showing odd numbers which I also ignore.

Since I have gone Broadband these calls are getting through more frequent and to be honest I feel it is a form of harassment which is getting ignored by all parties.

The calls can happen at any time of the day and involve a long ring or a short ring either way it is most annoying, as spam it should be addressed by the authorities as soon as possible.


  BIG ben strikes 10 09:10 13 Aug 2004

just 2 days back i got a phone call that said "good evening a caller has called a reverse charge a 0800 number you will be charged for this call" then it sounded like there was a party in the backround then it said "this person has hanged up you will not be charged for this call" and just cut off.

  Graham ® 11:30 13 Aug 2004

If when you answer the phone you hear a fax machine, it is indeed a random number generator, harvesting fax numbers. They're the origin of junk faxes, and the numbers are a valuable commodity.

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