One of our forum members

  Forum Editor 23:00 10 Aug 2004

has had a rather distressing time with anonymous phone calls of late, and has asked me if I'll post this thread on her behalf. I'm happy to oblige.

Despite her number being ex-directory our forum member continued to get the calls and this culminated in her paying for the BT 'anonymous call reject' service. Imagine her surprise when shortly afterwards:

"....I was astonished to receive a call "number unavailable" and found it was one of these pre-recorded messages inviting me to phone back at a hidden charge of probably anything up to £5 per minute. I immediately phoned BT who were extremely helpful as always and gave me a phone number to register my phone number (free for 12months) to block these awful numbers getting through to my home telephone."

The number, in case anyone else is in the same boat is: 0870 4443969

  james55 00:11 13 Aug 2004

I have been plagued with withheld numbers for at least two years, I have caller display and would never answer them. A few started showing odd numbers which I also ignore.

Since I have gone Broadband these calls are getting through more frequent and to be honest I feel it is a form of harassment which is getting ignored by all parties.

The calls can happen at any time of the day and involve a long ring or a short ring either way it is most annoying, as spam it should be addressed by the authorities as soon as possible.


  Graham ® 11:30 13 Aug 2004

If when you answer the phone you hear a fax machine, it is indeed a random number generator, harvesting fax numbers. They're the origin of junk faxes, and the numbers are a valuable commodity.

  mammak 21:55 15 Aug 2004

As always FE,
Thank's for your help.

  BT 09:42 27 Aug 2004

I requested to be 'ex Directory' when I joined NTL (then CWCOM) several years ago. This was fine for a couple of years, then suddenly my number was in the Phone Book.I called the company and was told that the numbers had been released accidentally to BT and included in the book, and that this was causing all sorts of problems as they had released the numbers of public figures including Judges etc. I was assured thet my number would be deleted on the next issue of the Phone Book. Despite calling every time a new book is issued my number is still in the book. It seems be to be impossible to get it removed once it is in there. Registering with the Telephone Preference Service does stop the 'Double Glazing' type calls though. I did however get a call from Gallup Polls once and when I reminded the caller about the TPS she said that they were not covered by it and would I mind doing her survey anyway.I don't know if she did put her survey where I told her to. When I asked where she had got my number she said they had a number generator that called all the numbers in the area.

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