one more question everybody

  nhojnhoj 10:32 23 Oct 2003

before i more than likely plump for the medion system.

is the graphics card `128MB DDR Ram nVidia GeForce 4MX440 +TV Out / Video IN - 8x AGP` any good? What does Video IN mean exactly?

I suppose I can always upgrade the card at a later date?

The dilemna is that I have an option on a different system that has a Gainward FX5600 256MB nVidia card

  MichelleC 12:51 23 Oct 2003

What does Video IN mean exactly?

I think it means you can hook it up to your vcr and record from vhs tape.

  wags 14:08 23 Oct 2003

If you are into playing games, I would suggest going for the FX5600, which is DirectX 9 compatible, which means games being released shortly will look better. I wouldn't bother with 256mb...128mb will be fine, as based upon Tom's Hardware tests, the effect of the extra memory on games performance is marginal.

  Stuartli 14:36 23 Oct 2003

Video In can be used for TV tuners, video capture cards etc.

  nhojnhoj 16:48 23 Oct 2003

cheers all!!

@ wags - the 256MB card is the same price as the 128MB card so nothing lost in having that one.

i was under the impression the 4MX440 was an older card which I assumed therefore was not as good quality.

i`m not really a gamer, my main concern is trying to make the system i buy `future proof` for as long as possible but i don`t want to fork out extra cash for no reason

  wags 18:36 23 Oct 2003

Go for the 256mb in that case. You are correct that the 440 is an older card. Going for the FX5600 would future proof you just that little bit least until this time next month .....:D Seriously, though the FX5600 is a good card. I have the Ultra version of the 128mb FX5600 and it produces a great image and makes my games look very pretty. Hope you enjoy your new system, whichever one you choose.


  nhojnhoj 09:04 24 Oct 2003

thank you.

i wonder, is it worth upgrading further for just a little bit more cash??

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